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Recommendation: Me.
  Added by: luvinlife2thextreme   
This is a list of things that help me:

1. Wear hats whenever possible. Not like visors or baseball caps, but like hats with ear flaps, or a sock monkey hat.

2. Buy and use playdoh. I find this extremely helpful to twiddle with, especially during tv and all.

3. Make a list of pros and cons of trich in your life right now. Then make a list of why you hate trich and why you love trich. I dare you :P

4. Excersise. It'll keep you less bored, and as a bonus.. well 2 bonuses.. 1. you will feel happier (chemicals in brain reacting) 2. You'll keep in shape :P

5. Limit sugar and caffine. I find that these don't affect me too much but to some it does.

6. Joing trich sites such as and .

7. Create 2 goals: 1 short term goal and 1 long term goal. It helps me :)

8. DONT go to bed really late and/or have a wierd sleep schedule. I cannot stress how much harder it is not to pull when it's 2am.

9. Keep your hands away from the places you pull. Otherwise, you'll be tempted.

10. Stop habits. For example, if you pull in your room, try to stay away from your room.

11. Stop rituals. If you pull a hair, immediately discard it. DONT chew on the roots, etc.

12. Be near people, especially when in places you usually pull. I'm too embarassed to pull in front of others.

13. Some people wear fake nails. I dont. But it may help.

14. Keep a calendar of days you are pull free. Write the number of days, keep track, etc. I find that this motivates me to keep going forward.

15. Realize that the first 2 weeks are the hardest.

16. I hear that putting all the hair you pull in an envelope helps. Havent done it. But still.

17. Talk to other trichsters. Helps me a lot.

18. Make a personal blog about your life/struggles with trich. Like an online diary. I did and since no one looks at it you can express yourself freely.

19. Keep a bracelet or something that you will wear/see everyday to remind yourself not to pull :)

20. Some people tape their fingers and it really helps them. Others wear gloves.

21. Believe in yourself & be positive!

22. ALWAYS try to beat your last time being pf. For example, if you're pf for a week, try for 2.

23. If you pull eyelashes: Wear glasses or sunglasses

24. If you pull from other parts: make them unaccessable.

25. Buy and use the ponytail holders that DONT have the metal thing on it. It damages you hair, as well as pulls it out.

I hope this helps! Feel free to comment, add to the list, etc.

All feedback is welcomed! :)
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Reminder: This is a support group for Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling). We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #1 - 03/04/10  8:09pm
" Here's my list:


- Learn about it. Read all you can find from experts and from other trichsters.

- Make effort to recognize your own triggers.

- Creating a plan(s) on how to act and react on trigger situation and practicing them.

- Remembering that the way to recover from trich is a journey and takes time. With practice you will make progress. Progress is good!

- Be positive.

- Try out different tools and techniques and evaluate whether they work for you. Choose the ones that resonate with out and you find helpful.

- Try different kinds of "finger toys" and choose the ones that you find pleasant. They don't have to be expensive or specifically made as finger toys.

- Have the finger toys available on those places you spend time and where you might expect triggers and/or urges.

- Taping the tips of one's fingers. At first I taped all fingertips, but soon found out I only have to tape the thumb of my left hand as that's the hand I do my hair pulling. I keep the tape in the bathroom next to my handlotion, in visible place.

- Join a support group, participate and read. Write a journal.

- Talk about it to your friends and family or even at the support group. Big part of trichotillomania is the secrecy, shame and hiding. Stop hiding it, bring it out from the closet and feel the freedom this gives you!

- Approach trich from several different ways/point of views at the same time.

- Create goals, that are clear, positive, and doable. Begin with small goals and as you gain confidence, work your way up. At some difficult times it might be good to go hour by hour or 24 hours at the time.

- Take part of group challenges or create one :o)

- For many trichsters, it seems like the disorder waxes and wanes. When you have a good period, use that time to learn about trichotillomania and practice in your mind how you can handle stressfull/trigger situation if they arise in the future. Learn stress management techniques. Never let down your guard even if you have been pull-free for a long time.

- Make lists of why you want to be free of trich or what motivates you or what you felt when you noticed your first bald spot, etc etc. Read the lists occasionally.

- Realize you are not trich. You have a free will and you always have options and choises. Think of trich as a monster or dragon, seperate from yourself.

- Recognize the "Trich talk", the way trichotillomania distorts your thinking. When you learn to noticing it, you can avoid it and let your rational mind make the decisions.
For example my triggers are my coarse hairs, and my "trich talk" says I should pull them out to improve my hair. But the thing is I have quite many coarse hairs and pulling them out leads to conciderably thinned hair and bald spots. And that is ofcourse not an improvement, I need all of my hairs to have lovely, full head of hair. I am learning to love all of my hairs and accepting them all, no matter what the texture is. There are not good or bad hairs, they are all good.

- Keep your hair up in a bun or braid. Use multiple tools to fasten your updo. Enjoy your hair (but in a ways that won't cause trigger situations).

- Get rid of your magnifying mirror (if you use that for pulling/tweezing). One can live perfectly well without one!

- Take care of yourself, your mental and physical wellbeing. Learn to LOVE yourself. Pamper yourself. Accept yourself.

- Know that you don't have to follow your urges.

- Learn to forgive yourself.

- Learn to relax.

- Cultivate positivity and "I think I can" attitude. If you pull couple of hairs that's not a reason to stop trying. While the ultimate goal is to become pull-free, it's not all or nothing kind of thing. Don't throw your efforts into waiste basket because of one hair.

- If you pull hairs without realizing you're doing it, don't throw the towel in yet. It can be learned to become mindful of your hands. Really!!! Start practicing and sooner or later you will become more and more aware of your hands and your hair pulling. It is a skill that can be learned. "

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