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Recommendation: NeuroReplete by NeuroResearch
  Added by: mnmjenn   
This is a repost of what I've experienced with this treatment so far. The safety and effectiveness is second to NONE.

Posted on 11/07/07, 08:11 am
I went to my chiropractor last week and we were talking about trich. His wife also has it, so he does a lot of research on it. He was telling me that there is a brand new study being done by MD's on amino acids and trich. He is doing an entire course on trich right now.

Here's what I understand from him so far:
SRI's (like prozac, etc) not only cause seratonin reuptake to slow down so that the seratonin can do its job, but they also reduce the amount of seratonin your body makes. That's why these drugs stop working after a while. There just isn't enough seratonin in the system, period.

Seratonin is made from amino acids. If you can increase your amino acid intake, you body has the building blocks to produce more seratonin. When we have the seratonin we need, things like depression, compulsions, etc, decrease or go away altogether.

I am nearly a week into this treatment. He says it can take 4-6wks to feel a difference. As with any treatment, it works differently for different people. Some people have been able to get rid of their depression meds entirely, some just don't need as much. I am pretty sure he said that when it's followed precisely, trich is nearly eliminated. He's going to get me a copy of the article, so I'll have more info after tomorrow evening.

I don't want to give anyone false hope, but I trust his opinion and I am really excited about this. I'll keep posting as I find out more!

Posted on 11/08/07, 09:11 pm
Oh WOW, I can hardly wait to post this!! Do I ever have news for you! This is amazing!! This protocol addresses a whole host of Primary Neurotransmitter Depletion Diseases from Anorexia/bulemia to depression and anxiety to panic attacks, migraines, OCD, Fibromyalgia..... I could keep on going!!

Since I am no expert, I'm not going to write any more on this! I just know I've felt more settled and in control of my thoughts and myself this past week. PLEASE visit and find out all about it... and then TELL EVERYONE you know who is affected by one of the disorders they address!!!! This protocol's formulas are patented and patent-pending!! Find a doctor near you who is properly trained and go for it! I want to hear how it works for more of you!

I am no sucker and my chiropractor is a committed christian. The reason he knew about this is that he is seeking a treatment for his wife who has TTM and daughter who has depression.

I am so excited about this! A door might really be opening! God is GOOD!


Posted on 11/11/07, 03:11 pm
So far so good! I've been on the amino acid protocol now for 2 weeks and I feel really good! It's a gradual process, but I can feel a difference. I feel like a dark cloud is lifting!

I've been able to leave my hair alone enough that the sores are healing, and it's getting less all the time. I am able to look at myself the way I would other people, and grant myself grace. I don't feel like I'm my own slave-driver quite so much.

Please, PLEASE give this a try if you at all can!! My brochure says this is only done thru liscensed healthcare providers. If your doctor doesn't know about it, make sure you give him/her the web site:

There is a whole course for health care providers. The patient guide I got from my chiropractor was much more understandable than the web site. I'm not sure how you can get ahold of it other than by your dr.

I'll keep you updated!!


November 17
I've now been on the amino acids for just over 3 wks... AND IT'S STILL WORKING! I'm feeling better than I ever thought I could. I was just in to see my chiropractor and I was telling him all the things that have changed for me. He said this is exactly what the study said would happen. The constant negative tape always running in my head has gotten very quiet and is nearly gone sometimes. Compulsions are less. Hair-pulling is significantly less, allowing my sores to heal. I even have more control over when and how much I eat. I'm tired and go to bed at the right time and I get better rest than I used to. I FEEL BETTER!!!!! Everyone has noticed: my husband, my kids, my friends, my counselor! She was so amazed that she called my chiropractor and wants to look into this for reactive attatchment disorder and other things she sees in her practice.

I am pleading with you.... please, please, PLEASE look into this. Forget Abbey Rohrer, forget any other stupid "majic" methods that are being advertised out there! Please get on this ASAP and do it together with counseling. I highly recommend solid Christian counseling so that you work at all aspects of your life. God created us with body, mind, and spirit. You must address your spirit, too! The protocol will help fix what is wrong with your body, and will impact your emotions and your thinking. Don't leave the final piece out... your spirit needs the touch of the Great Physician. He has provided this way of healing for our body, now let him heal you in the deepest place.

I pray that the Lord will direct you to the right doctors for help, and the right counselors, and most of all that He will show Himself to you in a brand new way.

I have had this for 24 years. I have tried many things. I have suffered many things without relief. Now I have hope. Now I feel free. I love you. That is why I'm telling you this.
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Reply #1 - 08/04/11  1:09pm
" I saw your post about NeuroResearch and the NeuroReplete program. I am looking into this and was wondering if u have any updates, recommendations, pros/cons, etc about the Amino Acid treatment by Dr Hinz?

Any side effects?

What level/phase are u on?

How did this help? is it still working? How long will u need to be on it?

Any other info would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks!!!! "

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