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Recommendation: Tone generator
  Added by: ArizonaGuy39   
I wanted to put this out there in case it could help someone else. I've only had tinnitus about a month in my right ear, but have tried everything i could as fast as i could. I believe that the longer you have it the harder it is to fix, therefore i went on a mission. My doctor, ent, and audiologist said my hearing and everything was good (yes, i saw all three within a month). I also tried lipoflavonoids, clear tinnitus, mega vitamins, and many many supplements and herbal remedies. I didnt try any of the internet miracle remedies like t-gone, bannish tinnitus, etc... I don't trust them. Also, I couldnt afford neuromonics for $5000, so I downloaded a tone generator online. I set it to the tone I was hearing and it seemed to stop the noise in my ear for a short time. I immediately noticed a difference. I now sometimes wear it when i sleep with the tone cycling on/off in 5-15 sec phases. The tone generator was from and has a 30 day free trial period. I tried it after another blogger said he did the same thing, except he mixed the tone in with soothing music. I didnt try it with the music because i don't know how to mix the two. Also, i've only used it about a week now, but I notice a huge improvement. I'm noise free about half the day, and when i do hear noise it is not as loud. when i first listened to the tone generator, the noise in my ear would go away for a short time then return after about 20 or 30 secs. then i would listen again to the tone generator and it would go away again, i did this over and over again. then i started listening to it while i slept, setting it to cycle on/off every 5-15 secs. this was the first time i was able to sleep somewhat normally. Like i said i've only used it about a week, but have had excellent results in a very short time. I'm not sure of the mechanism in which it works, but it seems to completely interupt the noise in my ear, initially for a short time, but then longer the more you use it. I would strongly encourage anyone with tinnitus to try this. also, this particular tone generator you can try for free for 30 days. You just cant save the tone to a file. I bought the tone generator(about $30) so i could save the tone and play it on my ipod. I looked for a free tone generator online but wasnt able to find one. If anyone finds one thats free they can post it here so everyone can use it. I hope everyone tries this, because i know how horrendous the sound can be and i think this will help tremendously. Sorry this is so long...good luck everyone.
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Reply #1 - 01/28/09  3:58am
" SineGen is free. Just do a google. "
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Reply #2 - 03/07/10  12:21pm
" I am not actually adding a recommendation, but asking a question. Could you all maybe explain what these sound generators are for those of us who are more or less clueless? Thank you. Would be much appreciated. "
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Reply #3 - 03/09/10  3:44pm
" Wendy, there are sound machines on Ebay for around $50.00 - they do rain, running water, thunder storms on different time slots - I wonder if they have that. People are also downloading fans, running faucet, and air conditioner humming on their Ipods and using that as white noise - one person told me I could do that - so is this what they mean?

Using sound generators involve a white noise on par with the tinnitus - I guess we could google "SineGen" "
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Reply #4 - 03/11/10  8:29am
" Dear Arizonaguy and makn10x,

I sincerely wish you imbeciles wouldn't impose your commercial interest here without being explicitly clear as to your purpose in posting. Please have more consideration for others welfare. "
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Reply #5 - 07/22/10  9:21pm
" Check out a program called Audacity -

Its completely free and can generate all sorts of tones, edit sounds, as well as hundreds of other functions. If anyone needs help with it feel free to message me or perhaps I can start a thread about it. "
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Reply #6 - 11/13/10  2:54am
" I just started trying this today and I've been having some luck with it. I think I've had had minor T for a while but last month was very stressful and it's gotten a lot worse.

I'm not sure if the tone generator is keeping the T from happening but it really seems to make me less aware of it. It could be that it just relieves stress to do something about it.

I think what's happening is that because the tone is louder than the tinnitus once I get used to the tone it makes the tinnitus easier to ignore. FYI my tinnitus is at around 14,870 hz (I know that's pretty exact but I played around with a generator for about an hour).

I went to see an ent who measured no hearing loss.

If I was going to take a far out wild guess on what's happening I'd say it's stimulating the part of my brain that hears the T and is keeping that from happening. "
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Reply #7 - 11/13/10  6:27am
" Useless Product Alert:

like Arizonaguy and makn10x.. JohnyP is not a regular member, no history of participation, no friends listed; posts to bump thread

SineGen, Audacity, Sudoku are three of numerous free sound generators out there. No need to spend. "
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Reply #8 - 11/13/10  10:17am
" i can't say whether the guys here who told their stories about sound generators are all here to get us to purchase.

I am hoping that this type of sound generators could give people relief for either free or a small amount of money.

I am paying $6500 for my sound therapy - it's working but darn it- my hearing loss is severe and I have to correct my hearing while listening to white noise all day.

For those of you with no hearing loss that can do the therapy this way - and are regulars on the board

please post- people here are desperate for answers and if you do it and have success we would love to hear it.

i have been on the board for almost three years and in all that time - no regular to the board described getting rid of tinnitus with and ipod and a specific sound downloaded - or that they could easily match their tinnitus and then get relief - all this time and those people haven't really posted - so that is probably why winterbridge is warning us to do our homework on these downloads.

Also, computer viruses are rampant and I got two serious ones while surfing the web for info - one virus told me if i gave them 30 dollars on a credit card, they could release my computer from jail - i went to another laptop and after googling found out it wasn't the case. beware of thinkpoint - it is hiding everywhere and will lock down your computer - if you get it message me - i figured out how to get rid of it - was hell and two hours of my time - but i got it off -

God bless "
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Reply #9 - 11/14/10  1:37am
" I tried a tone generator , partly to test my hearing damage (my cuffoff is at 11500 HZ, after that I cant hear any high pitch argg).

It DID seem to stop the ringing very briefly when I used it, my it HURT my ears , probably because I have hyperacusis also, but I could feel the stapedial muscle tighten up/malfunction and then after the T came back worse.. if you use a tone generator I strongly suggest you get professional advice before using it or you may be doing more hard than good. ESPECIALLY if you have H along with the T

p.s. I didnt have it up loud at all, I was just playing it on a Mac "
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Reply #10 - 11/14/10  7:52am
" I've been using a iphone app called Tinnitus Help after someone here alerted me to it. It's pretty good with some limitations. So the idea with all these as I get it, is to stimulate the brain/auditory cortex at the frequencies we have hearing loss.
So this will allow you to find the tinnitus frequencies in each ear independently, set the volume of the matching tone in each ear to blend with the T, add nature sounds, white noise, and a limited music selection (right now seems like only one choice! but it's not terrible). You can blend all these to taste.

One warning - it's difficult tuning the T frequencies, as for most of us that's at a frequency we have difficulty hearing. The tone will seem to 'disappear' when it's close, so carefully adjust the volume of the tone higher as you try to hone in on it. Once I've cranked it to the right volume and freq., if I then bring the frequency down to the range where my hearing is better it is screaming loud! So be careful.

I've been undecided whether listening to these frequencies is helpful, so it's nice to see positive results here.

Best wishes to all,
Bobby "

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