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shea ear clinic memphis
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First of all thank you to those who sent me words of support....this is a whole new world for me so your words and advice are quite comforting.

Has anyone had any dealings with the Shea Ear Clinc in Memphis TN? I read several positive articles on a 3 day injection procedure (1 each day) that has worked wonders on many individuals w /tinnitus.

Look forward to any feedback/comments
Posted on 07/07/09, 10:17 pm
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Reply #1 - 07/08/09  6:55am
" aallie, can you elaborate on these injections that you have read about? Can you post the articles on the forum to look at? I've not heard of anything like this so any new information is welcome.
Mandy "
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Reply #2 - 07/08/09  7:10am
" My apologies but while searching for hours on the internet It becomes overwhelming and I didn't copy any website names,(i'll remember to cut/paste in the future) however, i do remember that there was an article on Oprah's website about being "dizzy" under her health area and it did mention the Shea Clinic in Memphis. "
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Reply #3 - 07/08/09  10:43am
" I wonder if it is similar to the injection AM 101? Thanks for this post I will check into it. I live about 3-4 hours from Memphis and It would be well worth the drive if it pans out. "
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Reply #4 - 07/08/09  6:07pm
" The Shea Clinic's web address is and they are located in Memphis, TN (I googled them). I called, but they were already gone for the day, so I will call them tomorrow. There's lots of info on the website about the treatments they offer for tinnitus and Menniere's disease. It's a different treatment than the AM-101 that we're also reading about. They use something called xylocaine (lidocaine)/dexamethasone injections. Anyway, I'll follow up if I get any additional info. "
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Reply #5 - 07/08/09  11:00pm
" There web site mentions lidocaine injections, and, as most of us know these have not shown to have much benefit.

Maybe I am missing something here. "
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Reply #6 - 07/09/09  10:30am
" There was one guy on the web who went to the Shea Clinic and did all the injections of lidocaine in the ears - his got worse and when he cried out to Dr. Shea, he was given an antidepressant and referred to a psychiatrist -

Can you find actual people who benefitted from Lidocaine injections in the inner ear?

I researched really hard and could not find actual people to email with that did the lidocaine - only this one person screaming he was worse -

He set up a blog about his experiences in looking for tinnitus relief - he quit posting to it years ago - but it is still out there somewhere - I didn't remember to cut and paste it either - but I remember reading it over and over like five times. "
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Reply #7 - 07/14/09  12:57pm
" I emailed the Shea Clinic and they emailed back that 60% of people treated get some benefit (they said not a cure, but reduction in volume of tinnitus), but that a significant portion of people get no benefit from the treatment at all. The treatment is administered over a 3-day period (one injection per day). I live in Florida, so I would have to travel and stay in Memphis, TN for 3 days. I checked, and my insurance would cover the treatment, but I don't know whether to try this treatment or not (especially given the fact that there's one person who says the lidocaine treatment made his T worse). I will make a decision this week on whether or not to try it. It's one thing not to get any improvement - it's anothe thing for the T to become worse, especially now that my T has already been reduced in volume. "
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Reply #8 - 07/14/09  2:57pm
" Keep us posted on your decision. "
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Reply #9 - 07/15/09  12:13pm
" Sandra - I heard from another doctor - do one ear and not the other until you see what happens -

He said that when he injects anything into the inner ear - he does one ear and compares the hearing test with before the injection - he waits a full 24 hours between shots -

He told me that there was always a chance for an adverse reaction and he thinks that the one ear at a time helps him see whether the person getting the treatment is going to benefit

I have daydreamed and daydreamed of doing the lidocaine treatment -

There is one school of thought that thinks if you benefit from a lidocaine IV - you will benefit from those lidocaine injections -

Those who feel no difference in T drop the lidocaine infusion idea - now that is just one opinion

One researcher was screening patients with lidocaine IV's - if they benefited from the lidocaine IV - he let them take campral three times a day -

Now every researcher and doctor under the sun have their own protocol -

But the one ear at a time approach may help you decide - if your hearing is good right now and you have no idea how you will react to a medication - ask the doc to draw this out a day or two and see how you physically react to the medicine -

Doing an audiological exam is easy - takes five minutes of their time - but this is your life.

They may want to rush you through and get to the next patient - but you have to look out for you -

The one guy who posted the negative review on his blog - felt like they were just rushing him through their protocol and were not listening to him.

Most docs can be this way - so we have to look out for ourselves and be pushy and say, "hey, let's do this slow - this is my hearing - I am not in a hurry - can I have the extra testing?" "this is my life here - ...."

This is reasonable - you would not be unreasonable for these couple of extra things -

Can you imagine their head doctor just doing things without being careful with his hearing health?

They need to treat us as they would want to be treated - they have our hearing health in their hands and it is not a small thing. We have to hear to work and drive and go to the movies and relate to our loved ones - we can't afford to let people push push push without checking .....

Everybody reacts to medication differently - it is an individual experience - and what cures one person could hurt another

that is why tinnitus is sooooo hard to treat - because something works for one guy and the next ten guys are out of luck -

Go to bat for yourself - God bless and we would love to hear how this went because it is a treatment that has been offered over the past several years and some people are happy with it.

One patient here in South Carolina is getting steroid injections straight in his ear and he says the tinnitus went down - he goes every three months or something.

So you just never know. "
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Reply #10 - 01/08/13  12:19pm
" My experience with the Shea Clinic was negative. I waited two months for an appointment and arrived early with my paperwork filled out. After providing identification and my insurance card, I was advised by the clerk that unless I gave them my Social Security Number I would be required to post a $500 deposit. When I advised them that I had identity theft a few years ago as a result of medical records being compromised they were not sympathetic. The clerk told me that they needed the SSN because my insurance provider would not accept the claim unless they provided the SSN. I called my insurance provider and they said this was incorrect. They called the clinic and the "lady" they spoke with said this was "their policy". Depends on which liar you talk to I guess. I don't care how good they are, I don't want someone with those kind of ethics treating me. I went to another doctor. "

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