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Man I seemed to be cursed with loud noises...last Sept 7 I attended a mass with loud volume speakers and my T just went up and changed tone...I was actually getting used to it when 2 days ago (sept 19) i visited a patient in a nursing facility and they have a fire alarm inspection I got caught standing beside one when it rang...I got my earplugs on but I think it was just too loud and Im too close...sigh....there is the high pitched sound in my ears again...sorry guys just venting...I hope I recover from this....
Posted on 09/21/12, 01:37 pm
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Reply #11 - 09/24/12  11:13am
" Hi Julie...yes i can mask it with cricket sounds...but what I dont understand is this past 2 nights IMy T wakes me up with the high pitch shrill noise...Yes I took Ativan 0.5 mg about 1 a.m was able to sleep...My T is back to the cricket sounds but that is what it usually does in the morning then worsens in the afternoon with the high pitch sound...Is this my new normal? I didnt eat any suspect foods the past 2 days...But i will keep tabs on it...thanks... "
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Reply #12 - 09/25/12  3:41am
" Susan--I didn't mean to ignore you. I hope you are just having a spike from the loud noises (I see what you mean about being cursed! Sheesh!) and not some hearing loss that has made your T worse. :( Please keep us posted.

Peter--I'm hoping yours is just a spike, too. I WILL say that I have had times when the T is very loud at night and wakes me up, but those nights didn't last, thank heavens, because they are scary. I have no clue why they randomly happened, and I have had other people on here tell me they experienced that, too--even though it is not their "normal." So, I think with you this will stop, too. Also, have you tried other benzos besides Ativan? Does the Ativan lower your T volume? If not, and your doc is agreeable, maybe try Klonopin (unless you have already tried it) next time. It did well in reducing T volume for a fair amount of T people in a study printed in ATA. (Gingko Biloba failed miserably, btw.)

Just a thought. :)
Julie "
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Reply #13 - 09/25/12  1:08pm
" Yes Julie actually Ativan 0.5 mg helps calm me and lowers my perception of the T, but I used it only twice since it was prescribed to me last Sept 14...kinda scared to get hooked on it..-)) yesterday was good so I hope it continues today...I'll keep you all posted.

Peter "
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Reply #14 - 09/25/12  1:34pm
" Forgive my choice of words...what i meant is I dont want to be overly dependent on medication to manage my My MD told me to take it as needed for now...-)

Peter "
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Reply #15 - 09/25/12  10:35pm
" Hi Julie & everyone. I had my hearing checked not long after the incident with the dogs (it's an echo chamber in that underground garage -- I don't know what people are thinking bringing their dogs there. Since the tinnitus has not improved at all since that incident, I have to think this is a new level I will be dealing with. That said, just today it seems a little better. I've been taking LBC & NAC, recommended by House Ear Clinic in LA. Maybe it's helping?? Or maybe this is a one day reprieve. Thanks for your support, everyone! "
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Reply #16 - 09/26/12  2:10pm
" Hi are your hearing test the same as before? What is LBC and NAC? I too am here in LA...

Peter "
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Reply #17 - 10/01/12  2:54pm
" If you find yourself around loud noises and cant get your earplugs out plug your ears with your fingers, leave the immediate area until the sound doesnt affect your ears and get your earplugs out at that point. You could increase your tinnitus permanently being exposed to that loud of a noise. Careful does it..
Judy "
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Reply #18 - 10/03/12  1:25pm
" Peter, NAC is a supplement you can buy at any health food store. I got mine at Vitamin Shoppe. It's supposed to strengthen the tiny hairs hairs in the inner ears (that are damaged, causing tinnitus)-- taken before or just after loud noise exposure, it's suppose to limit damage. LBC is available only through house hear clinic pharmacy. It's a vitamin compound. Not sure it really helps. "
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Reply #19 - 10/03/12  1:28pm
" I meant to say House Ear Clinic in LA. That said, I haven't experienced any improvement taking LBC. Some say combining it with niacin helps. I may try that. "
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Reply #20 - 10/04/12  10:49am
" I have been told that Ginko Biloba Gold helps because a 'friend of a friend''s doctor suggested it. Anyone have any experience with it? "

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