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Morse code pinging sounds
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I have discovered in my left ear when I lay my head on my right ear that I can pinging noises kind of in a morse code type way. Sounds weird I know. Just noticed those pinging noises in my left ear over the past couple days. I can mainly only hear it in peace and quiet or if I plug my right ear I can hear it or if my right ear is on the pillow. Anyone else have these little pinging noises? Thanks!
Posted on 06/25/11, 11:19 pm
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Reply #1 - 06/25/11  11:22pm
" I need to correct myself to in that it is not my left ear that I have the pinging noises in, it is in the right ear. Cant hear it unless room is quiet or when my right ear is on a pillow and then it stands out. Sounds like pinging noises in morse code fashion! Seriously! If just having ringing ears isnt enough and sound sensitivity you have to add pinging noises? Anyone else have this? Thanks! "
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Reply #2 - 06/26/11  10:07am
" Hi sugaboog,

I have heard T sounding like many things, now I can add morse code to the funny!

Well, I suppose I can say, now that you mention it that is, that one of the several different noises I hear can also include a sound similar to "morse code" (chuckle).

I have several different noises that I unfotunately hear through out the day and night...hissing in the morning, or when I first wake up, humming, at night if I am tired, or louder ringing of different tones, on and off high pitched, usually during the day, on and off morse code like sounds, and other times in the day if I plug my ears, thinking I have NO ringing....I hear just a sisssssssssssss. I think I might always of had that, who knows?????

You stated in your other thread you have allergies, possibly that problem is truly adding to the funtioning of your tubes in your inner ears, making your T more noticable and changing the sounds and patterns of it.

Yes, I agree having ringing in the ears should be enough, and is enough, no other added odd noises should be aloud!!!!!

Best to you...Patty "
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Reply #3 - 06/26/11  2:01pm
" On occassion, I get a quacking like a duck!? Just hate that one! I'm not sure what brings the T sound changes but maybe it is sinus and/or blood pressure too? I have the most difficulty breathing at night (also have sleep apnea) tho I tend to sleep hard as it's such a nice reprieve from the T.
Do either of U have much of a hearing loss? Mine is 70%. "
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Reply #4 - 06/26/11  4:25pm
" @Patty-I was diagnosed with 4 lesser allergies in menopause in 2009. It could certainly be eustachian tube dysfuction. I am sorry you have so many tones. I have a general high pitched ringing I hear in my head not just my ears. Its more of a global tinnitus. I just recently heard the pinging noise in my right ear when lying on a pillow and had never heard it before, but it generally is masked just by sheer everyday regular noise so isnt bothersome. Morse code is the only way I could describe it LOL. its like a ring that is interrupted and is short and quick tone, short like morse code but pinging sounding. Weird. Tinnitus has no rhyme or reason or anything else, it kinda does what it wants to and takes you along for the ride.
@Calady-I have a high pitched hearing loss and I am in menopause as well plus have a slight allergy to dog, dust, mold, cinnamon (weird on the cinnamon). "
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Reply #5 - 06/26/11  5:52pm
" I went to an ENT last month.

I have only had severe tinnitus since March 17th..St Patty's Day. Anyway, I had my hearing tested and it was normal.

I woke up to hissing, then it went away for two weeks. Unfortunately it came back again one morning as a hissing.

Since I still wake up with it after naps, and in the morning...hissing in right ear.

During the day both ears sing along, the volume changes, as well as sounds through out the day.

Ugggg. I can't stand it, but don't want to fret to much, because I want to try to carry on and live a happy life.

I try my best to not get as worked up as I did when I first started out with severe T, three months ago. I tend to have some better days now, but still have some "OH MY GOSH go away days.

No sure reason what started mine either, which still bothers me a great deal. I at times think...There has to be something wrong to cause this! Well, in truth, something does I suppose, just what who knows.

Patty "
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Reply #6 - 06/26/11  7:42pm
" Hi Patty,
Its so amazing that each one of us knows exactly what day we developed tinnitus. Mine was on June 2nd, 2009 at 130 am to be exact. Same month I had my last period (menopause) so not knowing what caused it yes can be bothersome but after a while the "what" caused it (after exhausting all doctors tests and opinions) doesnt serve us well. I try to just stay in the day and take it one day at a time. I think it's good to rule out obvious causes but after a while of getting a clean bill of health you just say "okay, well, life goes on". I think we feel we need to know the cause and when we dont it is frustration that sets in. Its good you try not to give your tinnitus too much power and learn to acclimate to it. What did your ENT say? Mine wasnt much help other than to test me for allergies which I developed 4 allergies in menopause and they said eustachian tube dysfunction. There are sooo many causes such as allergies, eustachian tube dysfunction, Meneire's disease, hearing loss, menopause, aging, medications, high blood pressure, and on and on. Interesting it went away for 2 wks and came back. Did you notice anything different in that 2 wks from now? Mine is a hissing as well, and it varies in intensity day to day. Some days it is milder, other days it strongly affects the way I feel. I have found even though some days it can tire me, my belief in God sustains me many days, and when I feel my worst and pray God usually gives me a good day and those better days are what gets me through the rough times, well, that and prayer. I also have a supportive spouse. If I can get past some of the menopause symptoms then the ringing by itself could even be more tolerable. I always notice when I feel sorry for myself that God always shows me someone much worse off. And Ive found myself saying if I only had just ringing that I could mask with another noise rather than have reactive tinnitus (tinnitus which reacts and raises and lowers according to sounds you hear) but I find that I am careful what I ask for because that could prove much worse. So, I accept what I have. I pray for everyone that my God would show mercy, and even want them healed before my own self because I know how others deal with this. I hope that yours goes away or that you are given the grace to bear it. Best Wishes! Judy "
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Reply #7 - 06/26/11  9:19pm
" Now this is pretty interesting as mine started when I was having difficulty with menopausal symptoms too?! (I took Change-0-life by Nature's way and took the flashes away. Wonderful herbal stuff!).
And SUga, I agree with not focusing on it and thanking God for what we STILL have:) tho I still wonder WHY my brain makes that noise...
Do either of U have a high heart rate? Mine is never under 80?
Lastly I do hope both of U use an ear piece with your cellphones? I still link mine to being on one too much at work but mine was more like the walking talkie kind plus having an MRI without earplugs! MIne started with people's voices squeaky on the phone. I also have reactive T. "
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Reply #8 - 06/27/11  9:52am
" Calady..very well yours could be menopause related..interesting. I like that you tried Change-O-Life by Nature's Way. Im thinking of trying something herbal and getting off HRT. I dont like HRT very well. Dont get me wrong, it has controlled hot flushes/mood swings, plumped out what few wrinkles I currently have, took away the fatigue, but I havent felt the best on the HRT. Im kind of like less is more as far as pills are concerned. I am considering Estroven or what you took or even GNC Menopause Vita Pak because it has black cohosh and soy and primrose oil which all help, as well as fish oil for the heart. Might consider an anti-depressant to assist with my mood swings or anxiety. I was on Lexapro but had headaches but I got off it and I find I have headaches anyway off of it, so it musnt be the Lexapro. We will probably always wonder why our ears/head make the noises they do, its natural to be curious I think. I guess its what we do with it that matters, for me it does anyway. I dont have a particularly high heart rate. Just had my pulse/oxygen/heart rate/BP done at the doctors the other day and that's all normal. As far as my cell phone. I dont use it that much. I use my house phone mostly. I carry my cell in my purse when I go out and I leave it off and I only use it for a short quick phone call. I just like a land line for clarity in the sound of the phone call. Cell phones are tiny, dont have the greatest connections, it's harder to hear on them, and I just find them good for if I have an emergency. Never been a "texter" and sat on my cell phone texting or playing games, etc. Have more to do than that. I personally dont think having an earpiece close to your ear is any better for you, but these are just my personal preferences. Sorry you have reactive T. I have hyperacusis with mine (sound sensitivity) some days. I first noticed it the day I woke up with my ears ringing. It was in the middle of the early morning 130 am and it woke me straight up. I couldnt sleep. Took a walk close by my house and found that the sound of a bird bothered my ears. I have good and not so good days but Im ever thankful each day for God allowing me a new day to breathe, everything else is gravy :)
And SUga, I agree with not focusing on it and thanking God for what we STILL have:) tho I still wonder WHY my brain makes that noise...
Do either of U have a high heart rate? Mine is never under 80?
Lastly I do hope both of U use an ear piece with your cellphones? I still link mine to being on one too much at work but mine was more like the walking talkie kind plus having an MRI without earplugs! MIne started with people's voices squeaky on the phone. I also have reactive T. "
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Reply #9 - 06/28/11  11:16pm
" Mine sounds exactly like the morse code with the same pitch.
I noticed it in my good ear within a week after getting tinnitus in the bad one. It's faint and seems to be intermittent. I don't hear it most of the time even in quiet room at the moment. It got better.

If I only had this intermittent, faint, morse code tinnitus, it wouldn't be an issue at all.

I also have this sound sensitivity you are talking about. Particularly to sharp noises. E.g. the muscles inside the ears contract when I mix sugar and hit the cup with a spoon etc.

Audiograms say I have normal hearing. The cause of my tinnitus is probably a decade old firework explosion (I had an extremely mild tinnitus heard only by plugging the ears) that got severely exacerbated either by headphones (low-moderate volume) or most likely by the particular new computer fans (rated 19 dB)... "

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