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Where can you purchase the SImply Tranquils white noise generators for in the ear? Ive read about them but dont know where to buy them. Anyone know?
Posted on 05/29/11, 10:34 pm
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Reply #1 - 05/30/11  12:14am
" If you can't find that brand these two stores sell Audimed. I have purchased generator from both stores. "
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Reply #2 - 05/30/11  2:28am
" Sugaboo if you live in the UK , you can get these in the ear generators for free .. just have to make an app with your doctor , then your Doc will refer you to an a audiologist .. i have had several ... Micky "
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Reply #3 - 05/30/11  10:20am
" Not sure which white noise generator to get. I have tinnitus which is more global, in my head. It is a high pitched EEEEEEEE and sometimes is loud, sometimes low. Shower sounds seems to cover it more. Thanks for any input everyone. "
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Reply #4 - 05/30/11  11:54am
" Have had the same questions about the Simply Tranquils. Would like info for the in the ear and behind the ear models. From what I have learned the only place to get them is from an audiologist.

They set the price and I have yet to find out what they cost. I called a couple of audiologists and they had no information(does not surprise me)about the maskers and they said they would have to check with General Hearing Instruments to see what the price is. They sell a very similar product in England.

Will try to dig up some info on that model and get back to you. I think the GHI Simply Tranquils are in the $800 range. I could be wrong with that so I hope someone out there corrects me. "
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Reply #5 - 05/30/11  11:58am
" On 5-25-2011 I got a reply from about the behind the ear model masker and the price is $315.00. For some reason there website is not working. That might clear up today. Don't know. Just keep checking. They sell several types of maskers. "
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Reply #6 - 05/30/11  12:00pm
" They also give you a sample of what there "white noise" sounds like which I thought was pretty neat. "
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Reply #7 - 05/30/11  1:01pm
" Delta, is the free audio on their website? I have tried to get General Hearing generators from an audiologist and after the appointment he told me not to waste my money just "watch a ballgame to get your mind off of t". Unbelieveable, needless to say they don't seem very eager to sell these, do you know if we can buy them direct? I've tried to get ahold of the company too and they are hard to contact.
Sue "
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Reply #8 - 05/30/11  1:22pm
" Delta I bought that behind the ear model from hearing direct. I found it to be very comfortable. If you were to buy the same generator from an audiologist they would probably charge twice the price for their own markup. The benefit of using hearing direct is you avoid the middleman markup but on the down side you're on your own without the help of the audiologist. I also bought the mm10 from the puretone store. Having used both in ear and behind ear I prefer the behind the ear model. The in the ear model works fine but it will eventually work it's way out of the ear from the constant movement of the jaw. This means you have to reposition it every so often. It also blocks about 30% of all sound where as the behind the ear probably only blocks about 5%. "
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Reply #9 - 05/30/11  1:36pm
" I'd also like to mention that according to Pawel Jastreboff these types of generators should not be used as maskers. Jastreboff says that could make the T worse as it tries to compete with the white noise. The volume should be set to just under the volume of the T. Jastreboff also warns that using just one generator could eventually cause the T to move to the ear that does not use a generator.

I've only read parts of his TRT book, not the whole thing. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. "
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Reply #10 - 05/30/11  3:46pm
" The free sample noise is on there website which is still down. I'm sure the price is 2-3 times higher here in the states. On there website(right now it's down) is where you can send them a message. They got back to me right away.

I have emailed General Hearing Instruments a few times in the past and I get nothing from them. Strange attitude to have if your trying to sell a product. I have called a total of 4 audiologist's and none of them knew much when it came to the General Hearing Maskers or any masker.

This just goes to show you how unique our problem is. A very good way to sample white noise sound is at Plug your headphones into your computer and go to and click on the MP3 downloads. Type in the search box "white noise" and it will bring you pages and pages of white noise selections. You can listen to a sample of each selection.

For me simple white noise does not mask my tinnitus but you might luck out and find something works for you and the cost of the download if you decide to buy it is less than $1. Then you can download it to a MP3 player and listen to it that way. I still would like to buy 2 quality maskers for my ears and use them when I go out. Hope this helps. "

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