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Success with Klonopin and Gabapentin
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I just wanted everyone to know that I’m having success treating my tinnitus with Klonopin and Gabapentin. I’ve been playing around with different doses and here is what I’ve noticed. I’ll rate my T on a scale of 0 to 10 with 10 being the screaming tea pot.

I also want to mention that I've only been on this now for about 3 weeks so this isn't a long term study.

Gabapentin by itself - no effect.
Klonopin .5MG by itself – Spiky results. I’ll usually get an hour of 1-4 and then a spike to 8 -10 followed by some 1-6.
Klonopin .5MG and Gabapentin 600MG. Gives me 3.5 hours of 1-3. After that it slowly goes up to a 2-6
Klonopin .25MG and Gabapentin 600MG Gives me 2 hours of 1-3. After that it slowly goes up to a 2-6

Right now I’m taking Klonopin .25MG and Gabapentin 600MG about 4 times during the day and I’m getting some pretty good relief. I’m usually in the 1 to 3 range with spikes of 6 between doses.

A few days a go I was taking Klonopin .5MG and Gabapentin 600MG 4 times a day and I was between 0-1 most the day. At that dosage it’s almost a cure. There were times where I couldn’t hear it even when I tried. It’s clear that the Gabapentin somehow magnifies the effects of the Klonopin. I’ve read a new study about Pregabalin which is the new more powerful Gabapentin and it claimed that it also magnifies the affect of Klonopin.

Hear are my concerns. We all know Klonopin is bad. The body will become physically addicted and eventually it will take more and more to get the same affect. By year two I will probably need to double my dose. By year 5 it probably wont work at all. It also makes you stupid. Temporarily I hope. This is why I’m trying to figure out the minimum amount I can take and still be comfortable.

I really hate taking all these pills all day long but it absolutely works for me so I'm going to keep doing it as long as my doctor allows it.

Here is a link describing a small study done with Klonopin and Gabapentin. I’d like to point out that the study refers to central tinnitus and not cochlea tinnitus. I have no idea what the difference is but I’ve seen reference to both in other studies.

Posted on 10/21/10, 06:59 pm
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Reply #1 - 10/22/10  2:52am
" Thank you! This is a big help!! (I have very loud whistling teapots in both ears--lost 10 pounds in 10 days just from the anxiety and stress, not eating, barely sleeping. Ugh.) I'm about to start this tomorrow, but at Gaba 200MG and Klono .5MG, 3x a day. Do you take yours at the same time? I read somewhere in these discussions someone who staggers them, saying that works better for him/her.

I've taken Gaba before for sciatica (600MG)--you are really supposed to start at a lower dose and work your way up (like 300MG one week, 600MG the next). You do feel loopy at the beginning, but after awhile that goes away for most people.

Another discussion board said Dr. Shulman (and Kevin Hogan's book) advocated taking these in combo for several years--Hogan said his T was gone after that...maybe that will happen for you, too!

Thanks again SO much for posting your own "test results," BobsDream!! "
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Reply #2 - 10/22/10  12:34pm
" THANK-YOU BobsDream for your detailed post.! My doctor has no problem giving me Klonopin but will not give me Xanax. Tells me that Klonopin stays in your system much longer and it's a much,much safer drug than Xanax.

I have always thought that some sort of combination of drug's might work. I'm glad this works for you. I have a doctors appointment a few weeks from now so please keep us informend on your progress with the Klonopin and Gabapentin. "
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Reply #3 - 10/22/10  2:59pm
" I am glad to hear that something is working for you. Is Gabapentin an anticonvulsant and Klonopin an antidepressant? I am just wondering. "
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Reply #4 - 10/22/10  4:18pm
" A few things about Klonopin. The FDA has not approved any drug for the treatment of Tinnitus so don't ask any doctor for Klonopin to treat your tinnitus. He'll say no because you could always sue him later if something bad happens. Tell the doctor you have anxiety and they can legally prescribe it to you. Keep in mind that unlike other medications the doctor must track and report his Benzodiazepine prescriptions to the government so he may have some reluctance to long term usage.

Klonopin is a Benzodiazepine and that's some scary stuff. Just check out the web site http://www.benzobuddies.org/ to see people whose lives have been affected by it. Some people believe it causes permanent brain damage and others say you can use it all your life without any issues. The truth is that it scares me enough that I'm really trying to use less. I'm trying to keep it at 3X .25 doses throughout my work day. I use it at work so I can keep my job. At home I do other things like masking and distraction. Klonopin stays in the system a long time so even if I stop taking it at 2:00 PM I feel like I might be getting some limited relief for the rest of the day.

I also have another fear. I'm worried that if I can't hear my tinnitus I'll never be able to habituate to it. That may sound odd but it's a concern of mine.

Also I've been experimenting with Gabapentin and GABA. I take it in the evenings and mornings. It might be a placebo but it seems to reduce some of the noise. "
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Reply #5 - 10/22/10  4:32pm
" Klonopin does stay in your system much longer than Xanax. Have taken both but to tell you the truth neither one of them made any difference at all with me. It's probably just me but I never once took the drug and felt any relief from anxiety.

The one drug that I felt relief after just a few minutes of taking it was pot. Not promoting pot here but it at least mellowed me out. I'm 55 now and have not smoked pot since my early 20's but I do understand why some people are thinking it would be a good drug in some medical cases. The California case for it is very interesting to say the least. "
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Reply #6 - 10/22/10  4:38pm
" The one thing that I feel pot is superior to is any kind of sleeping pill. For me I would get the best night's sleep after smoking pot. "
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Reply #7 - 10/22/10  6:47pm
" Deladart--Wouldn't it be interesting if pot for medicinal purposes (or Marinol, which they prescribe for some chemo patients) helped with tinnitus? Wonder if there will be studies on this? :) "
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Reply #8 - 10/23/10  7:17pm
" McMurdo, Most everything that I have read is pot does not help people with tinnitus. Well Xanax and Klonopin don't do squat for me either. But the 1 thing that I remember that pot did was relax the heck out of me. And if your having a bad day with your tinnitus what would be the big sin in smoking a little pot after dinner to relax for the night?

I can go 3 blocks to the store and buy a 30 pak of beer and it's cheaper than pop. My mother has lung cancer(smoked most her life but hey that's ok it's taxed and LEGAL). She is very lucky that she has not gotten sick from her chemo treatments but if she did i would have suggested for her to try some pot and see if that would help. The only side effect from the chemo is she has lost her appetite and has lost weight. Pot would at least get her appetite back.

Let me make this very clear that i'm not a pot head. But sometimes you have to think outside the box and with tinnitus your pretty much on your own. "
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Reply #9 - 10/24/10  2:20am
" Deltadart--I didn't think you were a pothead, don't worry. And I do understand about thinking outside the box when dealing with tinnitus and other "incurable" medical conditions in which docs are sometimes not so helpful. : ) "
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Reply #10 - 10/24/10  2:23am
" I'm curious about pot. Alcohol always seems to reduce my T. "

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