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I had both testicles removed...
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I had both of my testicles removed. Not because of cancer, but because I had injured them many years ago and never went to see a doctor. My doctor told me that it had healed, but the tissue and nerve damage had not gone away. I suffered for years with pain, but the problems really started when my testosterone levels had dropped way below normal. After many years of testing and different endocrinologist, my body stopped making testosterone. I have been on Androgel for years.

I'm writing here for support for men with has to deal with losting one or both (like me) testicles. If you don't mind sharing your experience, I would like to know how you dealt with losing this part of the body.
Posted on 05/05/08, 01:38 am
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Reminder: This is a support group for Testicular Cancer. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #1 - 07/20/08  3:34pm
" I lost a testicle because of testicular cancer. I was shocked that I had cancer and thought I was too young to have that. I went through ALOT of different emotions and still sometimes struggle with thinking that I am no longer a "real" man because I don't have all the "equipment". Luckily I have a very understanding and supportive wife. "
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Reply #2 - 09/06/08  12:08am
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Reply #3 - 08/03/09  8:20am
" I lost one testicle after a mountain biking accident and now I my remaining testicle has stopped producing testosterone and I am on testosterone cypionate injections weekly. My other testicle has atrophy and is painful. I will have it removed this month. The md asked me if I was sure I wanted it removed and to me it is a no brainer as it doesn't work and is painful. He also asked what my wife thought and I said she doesn't like seeing me in pain. It is scheduled for August 2009 and has to be done through the scrotum since I had 2 hernia surgeries from weight lifting. I will let you know how it goes. One question, does the surgeon remove the scrotum? "
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Reply #4 - 08/14/09  1:55am
" it sucks and hard to accept. i lost one to testicular cancer at age 21 and than had testicular cancer in the other one at age 23. i'm 25 now and have the same girl for 8 months now. she is pretty supportive. ever since i lossed both testes i have never felt the same with my testosterone levels. my doc prescribed 300ml of test. cypionate for a month and i just have trouble down there sometimes. i didn't feel like a man for a while. i was 23 years old, a dick with no balls. i still get angry and sad about it. i'm just thankful to be alive and have the chance to do anything i want in life. the second time i had cancer in a 2 year period i told my current gf at the time that i was diagnosed again and had to have my last real ball removed, she broke up with me. i didn't want to live and ended up with several visits to the psyc. ward and developed a bad opiate addiction which than resulted to herion. kinda severe but it really messed me up in the head. i'm clean now and just am amazed that having "balls" don't really matter at all in life. it's just about you being you and making the best of every moment that we have on this earth. point blank, the right girl wont just look at your balls and judge you by them. how many girls have you ever met in the past judge a guy by his balls. i have 2 fake ones and would use that as an opener to get with some girls. i just know that everything is the way it is because it's in Gods hands. if it wasn't suspose to be like this than it wouldn't be like this. everything is the way that it is susposed to be. just look at the things that you have in life instead of the things that you don't. "
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Reply #5 - 09/21/09  3:52pm
" I am not sure if I am posting on the wrong board but I don't know where I fit. My husband lost his testicle after surgery when he was 5. He had a undescended testicle since birth, but not cancer. 15 years ago he lost all sex drive in his early thirty's. He complained to doctor he was tried all the time and had no sex drive. They could care less that we had no sex. They told him to get more sleep. His testosterone was low for his age but in the normal/low range over all. He has been having hot flashes for years. The doctors laughed at him. One doctor told him to run to increase his testosterone. He was a idiot. I think most primary care doctors are stupid when it comes to testing and treating testosterone related problems. I finally had my rheumatologist see him. He has gotten to know us quite well and knows we are not complainers unless something is bad. He is the first willing to treat my husband. The other doctors all said it didn't mater if he only had one testicle. Maybe for some people it does not matter but for him it does. I also think some people function and have no side effects with low testosterone but not for all. I know he was depressed too but I also think that was caused by low testosterone. He has been on Androgel now for 11 days. I do see some improvement already. It has been a rough 15 years not knowing what was wrong. For me there was a wide range of feelings I went through. I wondered sometimes why I stayed married since we both did not really understand what was going on. "
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Reply #6 - 11/05/09  7:15am
" I have recently been told that due to having a considerable hard lump on my right testicle that it is very likely that I will be having it removed for a chance to get a biopsy. Its crazy that they cant find another way to do it. Im still getting used to the idea of being without one of the boys.

I am however thankful that I have fathered children and that I was secure enough in myself to have a vasectomy last year, but still, even though my nuts are there only for decoration, I kinda would have preferred to keep them both.

I hope I dont come across as any less sympathetic towards your thoughts and insecurities. By no means do I mean any offence from my candid description/terminology.

Jarrod "
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Reply #7 - 01/25/10  3:57am
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Reply #8 - 03/02/10  5:55pm
" First, the cancer treatments seemed dehumanizing back in 2000 when I had chemo/radiation for a squamous cell carcinoma that ran from my prostate to anus opening. I found the medical staff blase and even unsympathetic. The doctors were all young and preoccupied with dates, career, themselves. Only one social worker was of help to me. I got therapy afterwards but could NOT find any support groups for men who had this type of cancer. The only similar people would have been prostate cancer survivors. Although I didn't have my testes removed, I felt as though they were gone. I had difficulty getting erections, the few times I was able to have orgasm, nothing much came out. Pubic hair gone. I felt suicidal being a gay man with little ability to find anyone else to talk to. So you are doing much much better than I. Your story was much more positive in nature and your acceptance of things. I'm still trying 10 years later to overcome my inability to reach out. I don't go out. I don't seek company anymore. I've developed a lot of hobbies. The radiation also left me with intestinal tract/urination problems as well. So, thinking back on it, I'd rather have lost my testicles than deal with the after effects of this. I hope things are better for you. It's most difficult being a man. Men don't like to talk about such things and they hide like me. It's society. Society dictates that a man has 'balls' and strength. All the jokes in films are aimed towards that area calling weak guys ballless and 'can't get it up'. It's a different matter when it actually does happen and you are alone out there. "
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Reply #9 - 03/30/10  12:30am
" I had both testicles removed about 4 years ago, i was 24. i had a varicus type growth that had pretty much strangled my little fellas to death over a period of years. i never went to get it checked for about 2 years simply because i was too freaked out to accept there was a problem. when i went to my GP he thought it was a tumor and sent me to hospital for a scan. in the ultrasound the docs couldn't figure out what it was and it took 4 of them 40 minutes to figure it out there abouts. i have something called klinefelters and had the varicusy not killed my swimmers then the klinefelters would have. i am 100% sterile and i was told this when i was 18. i lived with the weird veiny sack for about 8 years before getting it all sucked out and implants put in. im 28 now and have been on the testosterone replacement since i was about 19. ive tried restandol, sustanon, a differant type of patch and now testogel. from the medications point of view it makes me slightly more energetic and less open to mild depression (i was pretty depressed some times when i went off my meds for longer periods) all the differand meds did differant things the testogel makes me feel strong and the sustanon made me horny, the restandol made me angry and the patch just gave me a rash. personally none of them gave me much sex drive. don't misunderstand me i love girls and have never had any real performance issues, its just i dont feel like i "need" it, however much i enjoy it. (This part is about Marijuana, im not saying go out and break the law, im just saying it helped me alot). i should mention that while ive never really been a drinker i have been smoking marijuana since i was 14. i have always been very truthfull with all my doctors and have always made sure that they know exactly what i do and don't do. otherwise they would not be able to help me. MJ didn't give me these problems and MJ didn't make me sterile. it didn't make me crazy and it hasn't and never will hurt me. Im as much addicted to MJ as much as you are to toast, it doesn't run my life and it doesn't make me a bad person. its actually quite the opposite, while my lowered testosterone wreaked havoc on my mind and body i was always able to keep it from affecting me to much on a psychological level, the sex drive disapearing was going to drive me insane but a side affect of being a smoker means in extreme cases sex drive is reduced by vast amounts. also while on restandol for 3 years i was like on roid rage and MJ helped with the anger venting. when some meds became to much for my body to take i would need a break and eventually my whole mindset would weaken without the help of the medications, the MJ cured this type of depression too. apart from these problems im a healthy man, i have no issues whether im a real man since i cant have kids naturally or that my balls aren't real. in the end of the day happiness doesn't only come from your jibbly bits. honestly the way ive dealt with it is this, i laugh, i laugh at myself all the time because its funny that these things happen in life, they don't kill you, not even in a round about way, sure they test your "sanity" but so does sitting in traffic or marriage or having kids. sometimes they give you pain or they hurt your ego for a while. but so what, be happy that your still alive, for however long that may be, who knows you might live till your 80 only to be hit by a car. which you might survive only to pass from old age. smile and be happy to be who you are "
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Reply #10 - 07/27/11  1:02pm
" I was born with an undescended left testicle. It didn't give me any bother till I was 44. The surgeon told me it was dead and better have it removed in fear of it turning to cancer. I got cancer in the right testicle in 2006 at the age of 58. I had it removed. My testosterone levels were very low. After many replacement therapies for 4 years in which I developed gynaecomastia my boobs started to grow. I started to suffer really bad depression and wanted to hurt myself and even tried suicide. I am now receiving counselling which is helping me deal with this. I am on another testosterone replacement called Undecanoate Nebido, every thirteen weeks by injection. I had plastic surgery on both boobs in June 2011. I have been told that because I am on testosterone replacement for the rest of my life this gynaecomatia can happen again. I still get bouts of depression but I try to tell myself I am still here and alive. And I've got good support from my wife and family. On a personal level I think counselling really helps and should be offered sooner. "

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