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Daughter in High School 504 plan for anxiety
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Does anyone have children in High School with a 504 plan? If so, what are their accommodations to help them be successful in school? My daughter was told by her english teacher that he she went to the social worker because she was having a panic attack she would receive a zero for a presentation she was to give that day in class.
Posted on 10/19/08, 10:43 pm
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Reply #1 - 10/20/08  11:18am
" i had an 504 and than an iep they were very helpful in preventing things like that from happening to me ever again. i did have similar problems and you will run into some teachers that are not very unaccommodating but with an 504 or iep you have documentation to prove she gets these accommodation's it would be a good idea to have her carry a copy to show to her teachers if they give her a hard time. i am not sure if a 504 or iep would be better for her but i had accommodation's such as i was allowed to leave class if i was having trouble and go to e designated spot. try to find someone who knows the system and can help you get the appropriate accommodation's. dont give up and stand your ground. there are things that can be done to help your daughter any questions message me and i will try to help i can always ask my mom who helped get me my accommodation's. "
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Reply #2 - 10/20/08  9:26pm
" earlier this year, i was going to possibly be put on the 504 plan, we had a meeting set up for it.(i am a junior in high school) i started having panic attacks at school and went through very rough bouts of depression where i couldn't focus or do any work.i was thinking that being out on the 504 plan would allow me to have accommodations for these rough times.i was severely stressed and was finding it hard to cope increasingly.i talked with my counselor more about what the 504 plan would do for me, and as it turns out the only accommodations i would have would be extended times on tests or being able to take tests in a separate room.test taking wasn't my i ended up switching to a regular school, as the school i was going to was an academic magnet school.

even with the switching to an easier school i still find it hard to focus and comprehend what's being taught even when im listening i guess im just screwed in trying to do better with school.

but if anxiety is your daughter's problem, i think you should be able to get the right accommodations for her with her counselor's and doctor's help, good luck "
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Reply #3 - 10/21/08  7:48pm
" for me we just went through the school counsler and had my teachers notified and i had a place were i could go and i was allowed to leave a class at anytime mabey you could try that:) "
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Reply #4 - 10/21/08  9:56pm
" Thank you for you reply. She does have a 504 plan but it was like the teachers forgot about it? She does have a pass to leave whenever she needs to but her teacher tried to talk her out of leaving. Before long the class knew what was going on and she was humilitated. Today the teacher tried to make it better for her and gave her part credit for having the work done but she didn't present it in front of the class. I am happy for you that you were able to get that same type of help. "
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Reply #5 - 10/21/08  9:58pm
" I am new here...I treid to reply to each one of your reply's but I don't know how to do it. Thank you to each one of you for your ideas and support. "
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Reply #6 - 10/24/08  9:29pm
" im really sry thta didnt work out did you try talking to the principal or the teacher "
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Reply #7 - 10/24/08  11:48pm
" Yes, I did contact the 504 coordinator and she was supportive and talked to the teacher. The next day my daughter felt like her counselor, social worker and teacher were all there for her and very friendly. the social worker could not believe the teacher would do that and was very upset. she also mentioned that another student gives all presentations to the social worker instead of in front of the class. My daughter who was getting an A in this class now has a B- after she considered giving her some points for having the presentation ready. Sounds like your school was helpful to you.. "
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Reply #8 - 11/01/08  1:14pm
" yeah they were but my english teacher didnt believe it and so he failed me :( "
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Reply #9 - 11/10/08  9:33pm
" My daughter had severe anxiety in high school but did not have a 504 plan. Some teachers were supportive, but most were not. The administration was not conducive to having her leave class during her attacks and working in another setting. Another student I knew had a 504 plan for a similar problem, and the school was not very accomodating. I believe part of the problem was that the school was a magnet school and the teachers were not accustomed to dealing with students with "issues". Sadly, many people, including professionals, do not understand or recognize anxiety as a valid illness. Eventually my daughter received Home and Hospital teaching through Baltimore City, but even the teachers with this program were very condescending towards her condition. I am now homeschooling my daughter for lack of other options. If you have a 504 plan, be prepared to fight every step of the way. If you feel your daughter needs different accomodations, request them. If the teachers aren't accomodating, request a meeting and ask for a facilitator to be present. I hope it all works out for her. I hate the fact that my daughter is home every day and missing out on a normal social and academic life. "
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Reply #10 - 11/10/08  9:47pm
" I am so sorry to hear about your situation and what your daughter has gone through in the schools. I was at parent conferences today and the teacher that was not very understanding did give my daughter a B- in the class and she is an A student because she didn't give her oral report after a panic attack. Last year my daughter had an IEP for her anxiety. I think the teachers took that more serious. What a great Mom you are to home school your daughter after all she has gone through. Could you request an IEP for your daughter? My daughter was a homebound student her freshman year. The second semester they allowed her to come back one class at a time until she was able to handle a full day. Will the school allow her to attend one class during the day so she can be "in" school for that time? My daughter started out with a sewing class which was a really "fun" class to help her transition back to the classroom. You are a great Mom, helping your daughter. "

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