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Needing someone to talk to =(
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I really need someone to talk to, this is all becoming too much for me. Between the constant head pressure, the pain, weakness, and fatigue its really getting to me. I noticed tonight my right foot and half way up my leg felt numb. I've had no relief lately and it feels like I'm never going to see better days. Sorry for being so down in the dumps, I just honestly don't have anyone else to talk to.
Posted on 08/30/13, 12:05 am
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Reply #1 - 09/28/13  9:01am
" Hey, Candice it's me. Sorry I've been gone so long. I understand that it's so easy to get down and sometimes you just need to hear someone's voice. Just remember some days are worse than others. God, family, and friends can help you through those difficult times. I realize that I only have so much strength and must rely on others for support and let some things go. "
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Reply #2 - 10/12/13  5:12pm
" You can message me. I have these troubles too and I'll hear you and try to offer you emotional support. I am pretty alone too so I can relate. "
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Reply #3 - 10/19/13  9:53am
" Candice, You have my number. You can text me anytime so we can talk about what we are going through with this horrible thing we call SM. You help me as much as I help you when we contact each other. "
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Reply #4 - 11/02/13  2:39pm
" I have these same problems. I'm so sorry you're having so much trouble. I'm fairly new here but if you would like to chat, please let me know.

The pressure in my head is terrible. Just the past week or so, my legs have become very painful, as well as my feet. Sometimes I have trouble holding myself up to stand. when I go to bed, after a couple of minutes, my arms, legs, and feet start to become very numb and painful...it's so bad, I have so little feeling in my limbs when I'm laying down. Getting out of bed is a nightmare...and it stays with me for awhile after I wake up.

It's hard for friends and family to understand what I'm saying and feeling. They try and I'm thankful for that but, like you, I need someone to talk to. I try to keep a positive attitude and succeed for the most part; my family needs me to be stronger than I feel like being...I wish I could lean on someone to be strong for me...so I could let it all out. It does build up and becomes too much to deal with, especially when your symptoms change and worsen...it's never ending and can become depressing. I'm having another surgery on Nov. 6...I have a shunt in my cervical spine, now I'm having a disc fusion, also in my cervical spine. sigh.

Sorry for such a lengthy message...so much inside to let out...

take care and I hope that today is a good day for you. "
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Reply #5 - 11/07/13  10:07pm
" Moreen, sorry to hear that you are suffering so terribly. Amazing how we tend to do so much for those around us, and they don't understand that we feel like we're going to collapse. I have fallen victim to stress which has worsened my condition. God told me not to worry about tomorrow that he will take care of me. I just have to pray for his hand of peace to comfort me. Here's praying for all of you who battle daily, praying that God lifts your spirits. "

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