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Pons/brain-stem stroke
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Has anyone else suffered from a pons brain-stem stroke?
My husband (54) had one 19 days ago and has recovered amazingly well. We have been home for 4 days after 3 hospitals in 8 days.
We were medevac-ed to a major hospital to see the specialists because no-one was sure what had happened. His paralysis was 'global' and the infarction did not show up on the CT scan for 4 days, which I gather is typical. He started to recover from the first day and has done more than any of the doctors thought possible. I slept in his room. I would not leave his side.
His current condition is good. He has some weakness on the right side, with mobility problems, but is able to do most things, just slowly.
The MRI showed no plaque, no heart problems and no reason except some moderately high blood pressure with slightly high cholesterol.
Sure has been scary. (My late husband died of a massive stroke on December 24, 1999.)
Sure has been amazing with all the doctors and tests and changes in his condition from day to day.
Want to stay positive and not focus on the changes. I could so easily have lost him. Everything from now on is a gift.
I am here looking for others in similar situations.

It is wonderful to be home, and we are trying to get ourselves back to normal as best we can
Posted on 07/06/08, 10:10 pm
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Reminder: This is a support group for Stroke. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #1 - 07/07/08  2:23pm
" My husband had a pons brain stem in March of 2006. I believe because nobody recognized it in the ER that day-even after all the while I was telling them he was having a stroke-it was not diagnosed for about 6 hours. He is a total quadraplegic, unable to move or do anything. Does anyone know of anyone else that had one like him? I find it hard to find any info on the "big" strokes. Most people don't live after a stroke that severe. "
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Reply #2 - 07/08/08  9:23am
" I had a brain stem stroke 4 years ago. Not sure if it was a pons. I live in Canada so I did intensive inpatient and outpatient rehab all paid for by the government. There is hope, I walk with a single point cane and am alone at home most of the day. I can bathe by myself, eat normal food and talk. I have the use of all my limbs and my brain wasn't affected so I remember everything. The road to recovery isn't short but it can happen if you have determination. My physiotherapist says he's going to make me his poster child "
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Reply #3 - 07/13/08  12:32pm
" Professional version
In Jan. 1990(at 51 yrs of age), I had a "Pontine" stroke. Prior to that I hadn't been considered a "stroke candidate", as I watched my cholesterol, plus wasn't overweight, or had high blood pressure, etc. I had been a bicycler, swimmer, & runner, plus ate "healthy" food, so a stroke was very unexpected. Prior to my stroke, I had been a Child Psychologist at a Medical Center in Tulsa,OK for 20 yrs., but now could no longer work!!

I was in intensive care for 2 months(being only semiconscious for the first month), & then in the hospital's "Rehab. Wing” for 7 months more.

As my stroke was in an inoperable part of the brain, surgery wasn't an option, so there I was: unable to talk( Dysarthria) or swallow,& could only stand with
much,much help(I couldn’t walk!), plus not being able to write ,as my L. Hand was also numbed(I had been L. Handed),as I was now hemiplegic. I also have a “Neurolologic bladder” ?
With the help of P.T's & O.T's, plus a Speech Therapist & a Psychologist, I did make some progress,& eventually went directly from the hospital to Bear Creek(post acute) Rehab. Ctr. in Denver, Colorado for 3 months, & there I learned better "survival" & adaptive techniques. From there I came home. I ALSO HAVE A “Neurolologic bladder” ?
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Reply #4 - 07/19/08  11:26pm
" my hubby h ad a pontine hemarage back on sept. of 2003. he was not expected to live through the night but he as always made a real recovery. he now is back in the construction bussiness and going strong again he was only 35 when that happened.count your blessings that your hubby is okay.god is with you both. "
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Reply #5 - 07/27/08  1:47pm
" i suffered a tbi from a freak sports accident which led to a subdural hematoma and subsequent brain stem stroke, i regained all cognition and most memory, but now i'm quad and mute. i have limited use of limbs especially arms. i am deemed a functional quad so i have some use. i adapt to the limited mobility but being mute is awful, just horried. "
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Reply #6 - 05/13/09  7:18am
" I had a pons area stroke in the UK a week ago

I was told it can be either catastrophic or relatively unnafecting. Luckily I am pretty normal apart from a slight 'drunken' feeling.

I was fit, healthy 42 year old.

It came from nowhwere.

The impact on my family who saw it all is yet to be judged but at present there is a happiness that I am with them.

My thoughts go to everyone affected greater. I certainly left many others in hospital in a serious state so keep asking why I was so lucky. I am grateful my dice roll was so positive. "
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Reply #7 - 05/24/09  8:27am
" I had a hemmorage stroke in 2000 that left me with left side weakness. I'm right-handed, thank goodness. I eventually landed in a fantastic rehabilitation clinic called R.I.O. - the Rehabilitation Institute of Oregon. I made it back to work just 3 months after the stroke and continued adapting as I went along. I could do anything I put my mind to. In 2006 I had a brain-stem stroke. It affected the nerves on my Right side. I have sciatic pain, I have loss of feeling of hot and cold...sort of. Really hot hurts, but so does really cold. The same. I have vertigo. My balance is shot. I'm feel worse off than after the first one, but I think it's just the combination of the two. The vertigo and loss of balance makes me feel more disabled than ever before. I heard recently that more women die from strokes than from breast cancer. I've had 2 strokes and I'm still here. There must be a reason. I thank God for every day and I try to remind myself when I'm feeling sorry for myself or frustrated that I am a very blessed person. "
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Reply #8 - 05/28/09  6:44pm
" I suffered a stroke on the right side of the pons brain stem in 2005. I can now walk, but with a limp. The left side of my body is still a bit spastic and my balance is poor. But I'M HERE! "
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Reply #9 - 09/23/09  9:22am
" Thank you thank you thank you for your post. My 29yr old husband had a stroke 3 days ago and they just confirmed that it was a small stroke in the pons part of the brain. He too has shown remarkable progress and has regained his speech and significant range of motion. He as left side weakness still but I am grateful. I am also exhausted, scared, angry that other family members arent helping. I need to work on not letting him see my frustration. "
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Reply #10 - 09/25/09  10:59am
" Had a stroke in the the pons 20 months ago. Also 54. Seems like I lost more function than your husband however no loss of cognitive abilities or speech. Recovery continues. I can do almost anything however I am still working on things like strength, range of motion, fine motor coordination and spasticity in my left arm and hand. For those who doubt, improvement can continue for a long time. My expectation is that I can improve for several more years. I look a my baby granddaughter and see how long it takes for her to develop strength and coordination. I feel like I am on the same developmental curve but what comes natural to her takes work for me.

Stokes in the pons can be devastating. Your husband and I are very lucky. "

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