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Mood swings after stroke
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My partner had a stroke 3 months ago at 42. He has recovered physically 99.9% but lately I've noticed extreme mood swings where he can just blow up for relatively issues of little consequence. Has anyone else experienced this? How did you cope? How did you treat it?
Posted on 05/26/08, 03:22 pm
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Reminder: This is a support group for Stroke. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #1 - 05/26/08  7:14pm
" My husband does this also. I got his dr. to give him a med for depression. Actually it is a med for pain/depression also. Because if it just said depression he wouldn't take it. I try not to get upset because he can say some hurtful things. I try to just blow it off. Or I make a joke instead. I know it can be hard to deal with. Luck to you. "
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Reply #2 - 05/27/08  6:54pm
" My mom goes to a stroke support group and has met many nice people and learned from their experiences. She also found an anxiety/depression group that she goes to once a month. If these are things your husband would do with you, perhaps you could get to the bottom of what is bothering him. My mom's mood swings are more emotional and she will fall apart over an every day disappointment - I know it takes constant tolerance and encouragement. Hope things improve for you. "
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Reply #3 - 05/28/08  5:17pm
" go to www.ask Then type mood swings after stroke. you'll get tons of replies "
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Reply #4 - 06/04/08  7:48pm
" I know I have had major mood swings after my stroke, and I know it is hard on those around is hard on me too because I know I get them, though it's hard to admit something is different or creating chaos. Please just be patient, and know it is not you. Don't argue, or point out where he has gone wrong. It's a lot to handle and you both need to be on the same page. Hang in there....I know we are difficult, but it's the illness. I am certain it gets better in time. "

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