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Stillbirth Information

  • A stillbirth occurs when a fetus which has died in the uterus, during labor, or during delivery exits a woman's body. The term is often used to distinguish from live birth or miscarriage. Most stillbirths occur in full term pregnancies...
  • Some sources reserve the term "stillbirth" for a fetus which has died after reaching mid-second trimester to full term gestational age. For example, in the United Kingdom, "stillbirth" is used to describe an infant delivered without life after 24 weeks gestation. The sources that use this definition tend to use the term "miscarriage" if the death occurs earlier in development. In contrast, other sources use the term "stillbirth" regardless of the stage of fetal development.

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Health Blogs

If you are experiencing a miscarriage, you may wonder, “What happens now?” There are a few options to clear the pregnancy from your uterus. All three have the same end result, but they are very different in their nature. I had three miscarriages, and have experienced two of the three personally. Option 1: Dilation and Curettage ... Read More »
I remember my first miscarriage like it was yesterday. I think it was the complete shock of it that seared it into my memory. I was 9 weeks pregnant, and we had heard the baby’s heartbeat, and everything seemed perfect. My OB told me that once we heard the heartbeat, that I could breathe easy, as there was a very small chance of miscarriage ... Read More »
In my last post, I discussed the rise in cesarean births in the United States. There is no singular cause for the more than 25% increase since the 1970’s, but the statistic is troublesome for a few reasons. Surgery is an ... Read More »

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