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CPAP ordered. Setting is 10. Is that bad?
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Doc said my setting is a 10 on CPAP. How bad is that?
Posted on 04/20/11, 05:21 pm
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Reminder: This is a support group for Sleep Apnea. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #1 - 04/20/11  6:29pm
" I am not sure whether you should judge the severity of your sleep apnea by the setting only. You need to read the sleep study report. This will tell you how often you are rousing from deep sleep because of your throat closing and the length of time you are stopping breathing.

I have severe sleep apnea and was rousing 80 times an hour and stopping breathing for up to 35 seconds. My CPAP setting is on 9. There are so many individual differences in the formation of our throats and our response to air pressure that you are better to read the report which is more accurate. Weight may also be another factor, it wasn't in my case. Hope you are benefiting from CPAP so far. Best wishes, Ruth "
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Reply #2 - 04/20/11  7:18pm
" I agree with Ruth...my setting is 6 and I also had 80 arousals and I several episodes where I stopped breathing for up to 35 seconds as well. My setting is perfect for me and I know I've seen Ruth's posts often and she's doing great too.

Just concentrate on how good you'll feel being on CPAP...it has changed many of lives for the better! "
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Reply #3 - 04/20/11  9:14pm
" Apparently the setting number only means the air pressure level at which your throat is kept open, it does not indicate how severe your apnea is. The severity is the number of times you are obstructed, stop breathing and/or if your oxygen level drops below 90%. according to the tech at my sleep lab. Mimi "
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Reply #4 - 04/21/11  8:13am
" Mines only at 7, but I actually thought most were in the teens.

I wouldn't loose any sleep over the fact that you are at 10 :)

rkc "
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Reply #5 - 04/21/11  11:33pm
" i think that it just means that is the pressure that it takes for you to not stop breathing. its no biggie just a number. "
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Reply #6 - 04/22/11  12:53am
" WElcome to the crowd. This board is a grat little help, but you need a lot more people to help you in the beginning. You will get some more info over at CPAPtalk dot com. Lots of very knowledgable hoseheads there, not to knock the knowledgable hoseheads here, but the more the merrier to get used to your new friend, CPAP or BiPAP or whatever. It will save your life!!! "
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Reply #7 - 04/22/11  12:55am
" By the way, my setting is also 10, and my apnea is considered severe. My machine auto-adjusts and sometimes it gives me less than 10, but it knows what to do and when, according to hypopneas, apneas, and arousals. I have a Resmed S9. I hope u are geting used to your new bed buddy! "
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Reply #8 - 04/23/11  6:51pm
" CPAP arrives Monday afternoon. It is nice that they bring it to my house. Anyone have experience with Respironics DS150? That is what United Healthcare paid for. "
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Reply #9 - 04/25/11  8:54am
" I have UHC and Apria (AKA by others on CPAP boards as "Crapria") provided me with S9 Resmed Autoset with humdifier and the Climateline hose with Swift FX for her nasal pillow mask. Being relatievly new to CPAP, I don't know anything about the other machines, but you will probably find a lot of others at CPAPtalk dot com that use that particular one. "
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Reply #10 - 04/25/11  8:58am
" I have a Respironics that looks like yours but has the auto adjust. It should operate the same, pretty easy to run and it works for me!

Good luck with yours. I hope you quickly adapt and enjoy it as much as I did mine.

rkc "

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