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Dry Eyes
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I started experiencing dry eyes about one year ago. I have not been officially diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome but am experiencing some of the symptoms. What product do you use at night for your dry eyes?
I had my eyes checked last year at the optical at Walmart and got some good advice. I use Refresh PM at night. What do you use?
Posted on 02/26/13, 07:06 am
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Reply #11 - 03/12/13  5:10pm
" I like hypo tears the most. It is OTC. I have tried restasis as a treatment, but it burns the heck out of my eyes and makes it unbearable for me to use. My doctor is now giving me a steroid drop to try and use before using restasis so that hopefully I will be able to tolerate it. Supposedly restatis helps a lot of people. Sounds like the eye drop to try and get on. "
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Reply #12 - 03/12/13  9:53pm
" I've been using Restasis twice a day for several months and it helps...some. I still use moisturizing drops at least twice a day, more on some days. TheraTears work well for me without any stinging, unlike some of them. Restasis does sting, but that eases off after a few minutes. My eye doc recommended something called TranquilEyes (or something similar), which are goggles that you wear at night while sleeping. They are soft and seal around your eyes to keep moisture in. You'd think that your eyes wouldn't lose moisture at night, but they do! I sometime wake up at night with my eyelids stuck to my eyeballs. These goggles help! You can use inserts that warm up as well as foam inserts you can moisten to put in them...they've been a help. The steroid drops work great but aren't safe for continued use. I can only hope that they will find more things we can use...having dry eyes is so debilitating. "
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Reply #13 - 04/17/13  11:07am
" I don't know if it has been said but I was suffering with dry eyes for a couple of years getting worse, red eyes, having issues wearing contacts and also just saw and eye doctor for exams--like an eye doctor in a box" you know like at Walmart or other places and my rheumy said I need to go see an ophthamologist not an "eye doctor" especially one that has experience with autoimmune disorders....never thought there was a difference but since I have getting some great answers and treatment. "
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Reply #14 - 04/23/13  4:32pm
" i use Restatis 2X/day, then Rheumy also put me on Lacrisert - the results are amazing! No more red, dry eyes. You put a tiny thing like a grain of rice in the lower outside lid. It melts. Yea!! "
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Reply #15 - 04/24/13  8:03pm
" I have been on Restasis 2x/day for about 2 years now. It has helped some, I also use Lotemax prescription drops 2x/day. At night I use lacriserts (a tiny granule the size of rice you put in lower lids) It has helped with the sleeping. My Dr. recommends preservative free drops/ointment. I use Refresh and Refresh PM celuvisc. "
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Reply #16 - 04/25/13  11:03am
" I use Restasis twice a day - and I use 2-3 drops in each eye, not just one, even though it can overflow a bit. I find that it drips a little into the back of my nose, which helps the nasal/sinus dryness and pain. I do this twice a day. It's no cure, but it does help. It stings after a minute or two, but I find it goes away fairly quickly.

I am allergic to most over the counter drops, but what works for me is this: Bion Tears, during the day, and at night, the "Severe Dry Eye" gel by Genteal. Both have "hypromellose" in them, the only ingredient I can tolerate. At night, I put one drop of Bion Tears in each eye and blink a few times, THEN I put in the Genteal gel. It's gooey, but it's not greasy, and I've found no downside to it at all. It gets me through the entire night, even if I wake up a few times.

If I want to look nice and not have red eyes, I use a drop of Lotemax (Rx) in each eye. You can't use this all the time, though, just once in a while.

Hope this helps - and good luck to you. "
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Reply #17 - 04/27/13  9:46am
" I had terribly dry eyes. I use Genteel for severe dry eyes. I found it at the most reasonable price at Target as they run it up as a rx. I only use it at night a couple of times. I found Restasis so irritating but I went back to it as my eyes were becoming even dryer and I was told Restasis was a chemotherapy for eyes. During the day I use Systane. I have so many other issues with this Sjogrens that I am just about worn out. Good luck and take care! "

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