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dry tight scalp
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joy of joys, every day or two I noice a new thing that can be chalked down to Sjogrens, today its a really dry sore scalp that feels too tight.

As its Saturday I cant get hold of my rheumy nurse specialist to ask whats best to do until monday.

Anyone else get this and what do you do to relieve it. i have the odd sore scabbie (nice) spot where its irritated me in the night and ive scratched too much. I used to have nice hair now with this it looks a mess and i cant use heat as it makes i worse
Posted on 10/09/10, 04:53 pm
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Reply #1 - 10/10/10  10:01am
" Can't directly answer your question, but I rub the moisturizer into my scalp kind of like using hand lotion. You can also have some neuropathy that can make combing your hair more uncomfortable, at least that what my rheumy says when I complain that some days it hurts to brush my hair. Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner really helped for me. Also used a pre-wash hair repair treatment that made my scalp happier. If nothing works, do ask your doctor about it. It might be something entirely non-Sjogren's related. "
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Reply #2 - 10/10/10  11:52am
" I have hair so dry that I could go for a week without washing and you couldn't see the difference. Fructise (sp) makes a spray that has a lot of wonderful oils in it. I've also been known to use vitamin E oil for spot dryness or Olive oil or mayo for a pre wash treatment.
Also like dryrdh, when I use conditioner I really rub it into the scalp. "
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Reply #3 - 03/20/11  8:56am
" My scalp and hair is so dry it's embarrassing. My doctor has recommended Nizoral shampoo - just wanted to pass that along. Hopefully it will help! "
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Reply #4 - 08/16/12  2:11pm
" Just an update - my scalp is even dryer now. I use scalp oil and the prescribed shampoo to no avail. My hair looks like straw. Lovely! "
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Reply #5 - 08/16/12  7:18pm
" I've had good luck with Aveeda shampoo with tea tree oil. The tea tee oil is a mild antiseptic/antifungal agent. I've used different Aveeda cream rinses to good effect as well depending on what my hair needs at a given time. Some have more oil in them than others. "
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Reply #6 - 08/18/12  5:27am
" My scalp was very dry and my hair was actually falling out in addition to breaking. I highly recommend finding a good shampoo for dry damaged hair and scalp. There are so many out there and different ones work for different people - I use Aveda or Carita (which is hard to find). Two practices that made a big difference for me was that I often massage oil onto my scalp before shampooing and after I shampoo and condition and towel dry my hair, I put some intensive conditioner (just a bit and not on my scalp) on my hair and leave it on. I avoid the blow dryer which is a killer for dry scalps and hair. The other thing that seems to have made a big difference is taking Krill Oil - while I still have very dry hair and it still breaks and my skin is still dry, it is manageable. Before I was using Krill Oil my skin used to crack all the time (and then get infected) and my scalp really hurt - now I have none of this. Hope this helps. "

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