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how common is leg shingles??
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Everyone I've talked to has known someone who has had shingles or had them themselves. I've got shingles on my right buttock and down the entire front of my right leg. The pain has been very intense especially on my entire thigh. I'm just wondering how common is leg shingles and will I ever stop walking aroung looking like "Chester" from the show Gunsmoke??? I've had shingles since July 3rd and took 4000mg of Zorifax a day for 7 days and now am taking Lyrica, 2x a day. It gets kinda discouraging cause I try to be upbeat and positive about all of this and keep thinking it's going to get better and just when you think you are getting better.....BAMMMM, there's that jabbing and stabbing pain shooting though. It certainly is an inconvenience, isn't it?
Posted on 07/23/07, 07:53 am
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Reply #1 - 07/24/07  9:33am
" Hi, I am not sure of the exact statistics re: leg shingles. By far the most common presentation is on the trunk or thorax. Far less common are presentations in the cranial, cervical, lumbar, and sacral dermatomes. Yours sounds like a lumbar presentation. If you search on the Net, you can get the exact percentages. My presentation is cervical C3-4-5. Yes, it is so frustrating. Just when you think you are on the mend, you get that stabbing, jarring pain to remind you that the shingles is there. I find when I get too tired is when I get the pain now. I was diagnosed Nov. 7/06 and was off work until April 9/07. I still have decreased sensation, numbness, and pain to the affected area. There is one particular spot just above my collarbone where I get stabbing pain that takes my breath away. Lately I have been getting increased pain in my arm -- burning, piercing. So I guess this is what happens with shingles. It is very unpredictable and difficult to treat effectively, and I think doctors and other health care professionals have a lot more to learn about it. I wish you well and I will not say a speedy recovery because that just doesn't happen with shingles. It is very gradual with one step forward two steps back at times. I pray that you find some inner source of strength to help you meet the challenges you are dealing with. "
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Reply #2 - 07/24/07  11:56am
" Hi! My mom got shingles last summer,down her leg.She now has developed drop foot,they have her on neurontin & ultram.has shooting pain in leg & toes.She has to wear a brace to walk at all.She hates it!!I can't get her on the net,so I'm trying to get some info for her.Anyone has any suggestions please let me know! Thanks!! Julia "
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Reply #3 - 08/14/07  6:07pm
" The thoracic (mid back) and lumbar (low back) dermatomes are the most common sites for outbreaks..then the face/forehead...the leg is an uncommon site but it does happen
Dr O. "
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Reply #4 - 09/07/07  3:40pm
" plums:
INCONVENIENCE, yes, big time! DISCOURAGING, yes, big time! In my case, I only had ONE itchy spot on my left leg, all the rest was on my left mid-section and upper abdomen. It was very incapacitating!

Shingles attack the LEFT side more than not, so I think you are exceptional, lol, if that's any comfort. And think of all the patience you're having to develop in your character. :) Keep looking on the bright side. It will get better! "
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Reply #5 - 09/10/07  1:46pm
" . "
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Reply #6 - 09/17/07  4:38pm
" My goodness, my Shingles were on the front of my stomach, my right side and in the middle of my lower back.......I could hardly sleep in any position at all, don't know how I got any sleep, but I did a little for the month that it ravished my body. My doctor gave me Acyclovir - 800 mg. 3 pills 3 x per day for 30 days.

Good luck, my heart goes out to you - so hang in there! "
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Reply #7 - 03/03/08  12:22am
" i just turned 35 and had my first breakout at 30 when i had meningitis...i am now on my 5th breakout 4 times on my leg (thigh) once on the buttocks ...dr's don't seem to give me a whole lot of info other than i am too young for this ... very frustrating and painful... "
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Reply #8 - 03/04/08  9:36am
" i am a 62 year old female who was born with dislocation of my right hip. my shingles began on my tail bone and in my groin and right side. the only pain medication I have been given is lyrica. Since I am also allergic or hypersensitive to medicine 150 mgs of lyrica just about put me on the floor. Talked about confused, I am just plain STUPID from the stuff. Yes...doctors seem to know almost nothing about this bad and horrible problem. My heart goes out to all the sufferers here...good vibs and good prayers for all. "
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Reply #9 - 03/04/08  12:52pm
" Has anyone mentioned there is a Shingles Vaccine out now?
I got mine last fall. It will not prevent Shingles, but is suppose to make it less severe when it is contracted. Since I don't want a repeat of what I experienced, I was quick to get the shot. My arm stayed sore a long time for some reason. ?? Anyway, I'm not sorry for taking the precaution. "
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Reply #10 - 03/05/08  10:18am
" hi zingo...I was going to get the shot but my allergist is following me on this and says my antibodies are still very high. saw the neurologist yesterday and he gave me a script for 25 mg since I am SUPERSENSITIVE to medicine. He does want me to keep it under control with the lyrica and I agree since the pain is worst than being "dumb". My podiatrist suggested I take it at night which he also agreed with. He also said I can drink coffee to keep mentally alert...which is a very good thing. I know for me this is a very wierd problem and I wish everybody the best of luck and love, prayers, good vibs to all. "

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