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how long should you stay off work with shingles
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Mine started December 30, 2011 after a couple of days I went to a walk in clinic and was told I had shingles. Mine are on my leg the pain radiates from my lower back around my hip I have a few on my back but the majority on my inner thigh. The dr at the clinic told me next to nothing about shingles and I was too shocked to think of questions. He told me to go to my family dr. for anything to help with the pain. My dr. and her partner are both on holidays until tomorrow I have an appt. on Wednesday. #1 I was too late to get the anti viral medication. #2 I went to a homopath Dr I have been seeing and she gave me a couple of different medications one for pain and one for nerve endings - within 20 mins. of taking the nerve ending remedy I had no pain (previously felt like a car was revving its wheels on my thing and ripping the flesh). That day I went to work but at night time was in a lot of pain again so I did not work last Friday. Everyone is telling me to stay off for a week and the homopath said I more week or I will allow the virus to take control that I should let the remedy work. (it is I am almost pain free maybe a 1 or 2 compared to a 9 last week) I am very very tired - not used to calling into work to say I am ill - hate it and it is stressing me out. What is the usual time off - I drive all day and visit customers.
Posted on 01/09/12, 09:13 am
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Reply #1 - 01/09/12  9:25am
" Typically, 7 to 10 days off should get you over the worst of it. It is very important to get more rest than usual. Your body is working overtime to try and heal itself. The more rest you get, that faster you will get over it. If your boss doesn't know much about shingles, maybe you could print something out from here, or just Google "Shingles", and print something out appropriate. Remember that 80% of everyone never get shingles, so chances are your boss just doesn't understand, and just needs a little education in this area. "
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Reply #2 - 01/09/12  9:38am
" Thank you for your reply - I just talked to him and he was understanding - its just that I am not I suppose too used to working and being dependable. I am used to pushing through things. Thank you again "
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Reply #3 - 01/09/12  11:33am
" Yes, I understand. I am the same as you "used to pushing through things". But, this is one time to do things differently. You will be happy in the end that you took the time to rest. "
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Reply #4 - 02/13/12  1:11pm
" I got Shingles 1-29-2010 and Stay out work 2 weeks but if you can I would try to stay out longer when the pain comes you will need that time to rest and not be at work - sorry so say - but that pain is the worst - its been 2 years and a few weeks I still have pain and or taking 2 pain pills for the pain and gabsentin (not sure how to spell it) so take it easy "

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