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Shingles wont go away
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Yep, I've been suffering for over three months now. I no longer get that horrid pain, but they itch terribly. Still got the scars all over my stomach and back.
My Doctor told me it would go after a few weeks, she gave me anti viral tablets for 7 days which helped I guess. But here I am 3 months later and still suffering.
Anyone else in similar circumstances?

Posted on 08/16/11, 12:08 pm
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Reply #1 - 08/16/11  4:38pm
" Mine didn't last that long. Are you irritating them by scratching at them, or with clothing or bedsheets? Irritating shingles CAN make them take longer to go away. Have you asked your doctor why you still have them? I definitely would, not that I think there's something drastically wrong with you, but just for peace of mind, and possibly extra relief in the form of meds or topicals. Why suffer if you can get help? "
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Reply #2 - 08/16/11  10:35pm
" Today is my four month anniversary. I had them on my head, forehead and eyelid. The discomfort from the back of my head to just before my hairline on my forehead has finally subsided. Just into my hairline, my forehead and eyelid are still quite uncomfortable and very itchy. I have scars on my forehead from the blisters. I am quite tired all the time - not as bad as at first but it is annoying. The heat and sweating makes the pain and itching worse. It seems to be going away in infinitesimal amounts. It is nice that people ask me how I am feeling but I am tired of saying that I am still not 100%. Hopefully yours will continue to get better too. "
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Reply #3 - 08/17/11  5:29am
" Thank you for your kind replies, If it doesn't go soon I am going back to my doctor. "
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Reply #4 - 08/17/11  8:01am
" Sure sounds like a classic case of Post Herpetic Neaualgia or PHN. It is the damaged nerves not working right. You probably no longer have shingles. In some cases, the nerves are damaged by the virus that was in them, and take a long time to recover. Check with the doctor.

Internally, gabapentin is what is normally prescribed..

Externally, you treat the itch as though you had an insect bite. I found that over the counter anti-itch creams with benzocaine 20% in them work quite well. Ask about those products at the local drug store.

Sometimes you can get away with just using external products if the PHN is not too severe. I hope this is your case. Good luck. "
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Reply #5 - 08/17/11  8:23am
" Thanks Mike you have some good points there, I will try what you recommend. "
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Reply #6 - 08/17/11  9:29am
" Hi Ron,
I had PHN from shingles. The pain lasted over a year. I finally went off the pain meds and gabepentin and Lyrica a little over a year ago when it got better in July 2010. I still once in a while get the burning
pain in my back if I get really tired or even in the shower if hot water
hits it. Most days its fine and I forget about it. Some people can have it even longer. Good luck with yours! "
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Reply #7 - 08/17/11  10:14am
" Hi Patty, thank you so very much for your reply. I find it interesting how we suffer for so long with this. My Doctor told me it would only last for 2 weeks and that was 3 months ago.
I do get the odd twinge now and then but mostly the scars itch at times.
I go to the gym 3 times a week, some days I do a whole routine, other days it reminds me that I'm still not 100%. I hope you are feeling better, it's so good to share these experiences with likewise people.
Ron "
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Reply #8 - 08/18/11  1:19pm
" hi ron
i also used benadryl spray to calm the itching down it is over the counter or take benadryl tablets also over the counter. i also take vitamin bs to help support my immune system hoping to never get these again. high stress levels aren't good either so the b's help with this too.
blessings for this to calm down
jady "
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Reply #9 - 08/18/11  2:55pm
" Hi Jady, thanks for your lovely words. I'm an accountant and in the past several months have been through a dire patch, I had many sleepless nights and lots of worry. I think the stress started this off.
I appear to be in good spirits, but I must admit I get so tired quickly which is nothing like me, I love the gym and am always looking for new things to do.
xx "
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Reply #10 - 08/19/11  4:07pm
" I had these bump things above my eye on my right side. I went to an Aid Station and the nurse practinioner dx'd me as having poison ivy. (in January) and prescribe some kind of steroids. About a month later, I went to my regualr dr. Though it was getting better, he dx'd the bumps(blisters) as shingles. He said it was okay that the nurse practioner prescribe steroids as this is probably what he would have prescribed for shingles.

I'm rabbling, but my point is maybe you should see about getting a prescription of steroids to get rid of the shingles.

my 2 cents "

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