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shingles and leg weakness
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My husband was diagnosed with shingles from his right knee downwards to his toes two weeks ago. The rash is clearing up nicely but he is suffering with pain from his hip down to his feet. He was given aciclover which he has now finished, gabapentin and tramadol both of which he had to be taken off because they were causing confusion and hallucinations and is now on amitriptyline, brufen and paracetamol. He sleeps from 11.00pm but every night the pain wakens him around 3.30am and it is difficult to go back to sleep. He is very concerned about leg and muscle weakness in his right leg and this morning while having a wash his leg gave way under him and he fell in the bathroom. The doctor has told him to try and keep mobile but a cane does not seem to give him the support he needs. This leg problem is causing great anxiety for him and I would be grateful if anyone could tell me if they have experienced this and will it eventually clear. He is terrified of being an invalid.
Posted on 11/16/09, 07:12 am
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Reply #1 - 11/16/09  8:41pm
" Hi Audrey. I too have weakness in both of my legs. Try to get your hubby to take some supplements (calcium, magnesium, zinc) for this. I was also told to take D3. He can also try to strengthen the leg by doing simple stretches. Sometimes it does not seem like much, but every little bit helps.
Interrupted sleep can be a relentless pattern. I have it currently. I just let it happen and try to to go back to sleep as soon as possible. Everyone is different. I did try drinking warm milk at bedtime (with a little added vanilla for taste). Hope he gets better soon and has a really good restorative sleep.
Colleen "
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Reply #2 - 11/17/09  10:43am
" Thank you for your feedback. How long have you had the weakness? I am afraid hubby is getting very impatient for recovery. He thinks after taking a few pills he should be able to run the marathon........lol.
Yesterday his leg gave way under him while he was having a wash and he landed on the bathroom floor. Luckily he was not hurt but it gave him a shock. I will get the supplements you mention and give them a try but do not know what D3 is. "
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Reply #3 - 03/21/10  12:39pm
" It's Vitamin D-3. And most people don't get enough of it. Most people need about 1000 iu in the summer and 2000 iu in the winter. Your Husband should be on a good Men's Multi-Vitamin, to cover his magnesium and zinc needs, but not overdue the iron which Women need. Also L-Lysine helps with the immune system. Vitamin D-3 is being studies a lot more recently and has been found to help with a variety of conditions.

How long ago was your husband diagnosed with Shingles? "
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Reply #4 - 03/21/10  1:47pm
" Hi Kate,
He was diagnosed on the lst November. The doctor has taken him all the medication so the only thing he is taking now is Omega 3. He is now able to take a short walk but is very slow and still not very steady. I think a lot of this is also due to taking statins which he has been off for about 6 months. I will try him on a good man's vitamin tablet and vitamin D as you suggest. He is retired so problems about work. He has always been very active so it is very traumatic for him to feel like this. Thank you for your advice "

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