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Painful Stories

  • I need lots of support at this time.

    Friday, October 12, 2012 | A Painful story

    In the last year life has not been so good on us. I got really sick in Aug and I really thought my babies where going to loose their mamma. The lord and lots of meds did there job and I am doing better health wise.  
    My aunt and her kids had to move out of our house because she wasn't very nice at all. The kids and I felt like we lived with the devil. NOT JOKING!!  She has her own ...

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  • All Consuming Pain

    Friday, January 18, 2013 | A Painful story

    What do you do when something from the past still breaks your heart. I still breakdown over people I lost and a very special companion I lost 4 years ago. I feel that all of them are still with me in various ways. This makes some of the loses easier but it is still hard. I deal a little better with the people I have lost but I'm not sure why.
    I know this is kinda silly and sounds like I am dismis...

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  • My oldest son was shot

    Monday, July 7, 2014 | A Painful story

    My oldest son, Kasiah was shot on Saturday July 5 @ 1-3am, a robbery gone bad. Thank God he is alive and doing well.
    However, I cannot believe that I was going to have to bury my own child! I am tired and I am anxious as hell. I feel like I am not going through this and it is all a dream.... My mind, body and spirit could not believe what was happening to me(alone). I could not breathe...

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