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I was recently told I may have Sarcoidosis (CT scan showed spots on lungs). Tuberculosis has been ruled out already. Will be seeing the lung specialist in four weeks. Having breathing problems and was given Ativan to help relax neck muscles. I'm also having problems with my sinuses, stomach, and brain. Just cooking makes me extremely tired and I find that I need a lot of rest. My problem: I feel that if this is Sarcoidosis, I started having these symptoms three years ago. It was then that I had a severe Vertigo attack and I haven't been right since. I was just wondering if Sarcoidosis can cause vertigo and has anyone been bothered with this symptom?
Posted on 08/03/13, 10:54 pm
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Reply #1 - 08/05/13  2:54pm
" I have had episodes of vertigo. I know it can happen because something is wrong in the brain. At the time the doctor's thought I had ms. I was told that for 20 years. I am now told I have dystonia, and sarcoidosis. Best of luck.
Angela "
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Reply #2 - 08/05/13  11:20pm
" Wow! I too was told more than twenty years ago, I possibly had MS. Next it was Migraines, Labyrinthitis, BPPV, Anxiety, and who knows what else. After seeing the spots, I was told, maybe it was Tuberculosis, but now the docs are looking at Sarcoidosis. What were your symptoms years ago? Thanks so much for your reply. "
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Reply #3 - 08/06/13  3:23pm
" I have dystonia too, so the first thing that took me to the dr. was the dystonia. My head was pulling painfully to the right.
My symptoms ranged from bad headaches, to weird vision, to vertigo, to the inability to walk well, I did notice trouble breathing too, but attributed that to my other problems. I was told it was psychological.
It was a really bad time, that was over 23 years ago. I am having pains in my chest now, as well as other areas. Breathing even with oxygen can be difficult at times I also had weird rashes for years. No doctor paid attention to them. They generally stayed in one location for months, and then would just go away.
I have had cognitive issues, with not being able to finish sentences, forgetting words.
The symptoms were so weird, I couldn't believe they were happening.
Angela "
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Reply #4 - 08/06/13  9:09pm
" Thanks so much angela56. The doctors have been asking me if I have any rashes also. I've had all sorts of strange weird sensations. I thought MS, but there were no lesions on the MRI. I've felt ill now for 3 1/2 years. I will be seeing a lung specialist August 28. Hopefully, I'll have some closure to this three year nightmare. "
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Reply #5 - 08/07/13  5:24pm
" I hope so. I actually have numerous lesions on my brain. The doctor's in NC say they are not in the right location for ms. I was told by the doctor's in WV, that I had ms for 20 years. Confusing. I hope the doctor's can find something to ease some of the problems you are having. I have been on prednisone for almost 2 years. Down to 5 mg now. Up to 60 mg. at one time. Best of luck.
Angela "
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Reply #6 - 08/08/13  12:17pm
" Glad to have you as a friend.
Angela "
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Reply #7 - 08/28/13  3:11am
" Flowers911, I was diagnosed with Vertigo in 2001 right about the time that I was diagnosed with Sarcoid. I did not put the two together but after reading the discussion I believe there is a connection. I will have to mention this to my neurologist. I see the condition dystonia mentioned here but I am not sure what this is. And the connection to sarcoid. Have your neurologist do a CT scan on your head /brain to see if there are any lesions. Best of luck to ya. "
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Reply #8 - 08/28/13  2:21pm
" Thanks KimmyGurl. I did have an MRI done, and the doctor said there were no lesions. He wasn't at all sure what caused the Vertigo. It has been three years since that terrible attack, and I now have anxiety as a result of it. I did see the pulmonologist today and they want to take another CT scan of my lungs to see if there's been a change. If not, they want to do a biopsy of the lymph nodes near the lungs. They've already done lots of other tests but all have come back negative. The breathing test I had today was normal also. They questioned me about family members with Sarcoidosis, but I don't recall anyone ever having the disease. I'm going to look into my father's family history more. I'm not very close to them. I was shown the nodules on the screen and there doesn't seem to be a lot, but I guess even a few is still considered abnormal. I feel fine now though, and I'm trying to be patient until the rest of the tests are done. I believe the Vertigo attack did have something to do with the issues I'm having as I haven't really been my self for three years now. Hope all is well with you and thanks again, flowers. "
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Reply #9 - 11/20/13  9:18pm
" sarcoidosis can affect every part of your body. i have like 20-25 cyst on each lung, my lymph nodes in my chest near lungs are enlarged due to the sarcoidosis. i have cyst in my hips sacral and now left hand pinching a nerve, and i also have fibromyalgia. i'm on both support group contributing to the effects and daily living of both diseases, very painful and stressful. p.s. i have a sarcoidosis rash that itch and won't go away. dermatologist stated it was eczema and i told him that my eczema is only active in summer months and goes away in fall, winter months. i wanted him to scrape it and give to pathology, because i wanted to be sure it was sarcoid rash. "

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