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hyper sensitive
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as i guess with the disease (possible multiple ) we become hyper sensitive ..foods that used to never bother me ..yow ..the minute i eat something i shouldnt poof swollen hands and feet and everything in between .. intestinal noises that can wake the dead ..and just a gutt tightening sensation ..let alone ..muscles changing ..and cramping and stone hard ..tops of feet look like s mall mountain range of popping up bones hurt ..nuckles look like a truck ran them over but swollen ..misshaped cream headache ..especially after knowing it was bad to eat it because it s not good for you ..but the ice cream headcahe ..oucchhh ..then a permament headache from eating something that we shouldnt ..then the entire cycle begins again...creaaky feet ..stumbling or crawlig in the a.m to the bathroom..then wondering how bad is this going to get ?? then the hyper tears flow ..then the attitude to sanp out of it could be worse ...then the past memories of how it used to be ..then future thougths of how it s going to be ..then overwhelming thougths ..then back down to a low hum of life and thougths ..i got my finger stuck in teh sliding screen door that my hubby was suppose to fix biggie ..but it is if your body is hyper sensitive swelled up ike a ballon at the carnival that they make animals out of ..pain like someone hacked it off with a dull knife ..the paintolernace was so much better before RA ...its a bumpy tough road ..but today the sun shined and the sky was gorgeous blue ..and i sat and listened to life outside the window ..and i thougth .its still sorta good to be here matter what ive been threw and will go threw ...
Posted on 08/06/13, 04:38 pm
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Reply #1 - 08/06/13  5:44pm
" I have been wondering some of the same thing's you are questioning? I have no idea what foods bother me but I'm limping today because on Saturday I decided to buy a gallon of ice cream and eat it every night...Seriously I think how can icream effect me like this but it has to be something I have ate because I have done nothing different! ugh frustrated! "
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Reply #2 - 08/06/13  6:06pm
" bethie3..oh my gosh you ate the ice cream every night :)....not usre if i read tis rite from another post ..but i think ice cream has gluten in it .i could be wrong ...but i do know it sure reaks havoc on a person with hyper system ..the otehr day i drove by the chubby ice cream cone ..its shaped like a giant ice cream cone and that s what its called ..i was tempted to pick up twizzlers from the grocery store then i th ought stoppppp this is a gutt thing dont put any crap in it ..snap out of it i saw the chubby ice cream pulled in waited in line ..must be pretty god if there s a line turn ..ill take teh fat free sugar free flavoe ..just so i dont feel guilty ..oh my ..ouch ..instant head ache cream head ache with a regular headache ..enough to want to throw it out the window ..but i didnt ..and boy did i pay for it might want to becarefull on to much of anything rite now ..hope you feel better ... "
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Reply #3 - 08/06/13  6:08pm
" p.s. gluten is the enemy but i must say being half sicilian gluten free pasta sucks ! yuck ! "
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Reply #4 - 08/06/13  7:04pm
" Lol yep you read it right I sure had ice cream each night an I know it has gluten in it an have read in it is the enemy I have a friend with Chrohns an she believes it causes flares too..... So no more ice cream an going to try to limit gluten this could be challenging "
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Reply #5 - 08/06/13  7:33pm
" gluten free is challenging ..goodluck ...some foods are so bland that are gluten free ..but we have to do what we have to do ...i bought these all natural fruit frozen fruit pops ..i know it s not ice cream ..but they taste pretty good and no headacheor stomach issues or bloating oo i didnt read the lable but sicne they claim to be all natural i gave it a shot ...not bad actually . "
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Reply #6 - 08/06/13  9:08pm
" a friend who is very wise told me a long time ago to give up potatos.. not because of t the starch , carb thing ..but becasue in a survey given by actual farmers that is the number one vegetable they wouldnt eat due to all the pesticides and it being a vegetable that is grown completley under ground . "

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