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Whooping Cough
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My eleven year old daughter has just been diagnosed with whooping cough. Where we live there is a huge outbreak of it right now. And yes she has been vaccinated, almost everyone I talk to whose children have it have been vaccinated. My husband and I have been prescribed antibiotics as a preventative, but this still scares me... I am thankful that the only med I'm on right now is plaquenil which should not bring down my immune system. But I am stressing because I hate seeing my daughter sick and I also started a new job this week and don't want to have to call in sick...
Trying not to let this stress me out too much to avoid a flare. It is not easy to stay calm... just a vent, thanks for listening.
Posted on 11/29/12, 08:22 am
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Reply #1 - 11/29/12  8:48pm
" Yikes! It's good you are on prophylactic antibiotics! I'm sure your daughter is miserable! And you must be miserable seeing her misery! Deep breaths. This too shall pass. Sometimes, "one day at a time" is too long a stretch! One moment at a time. "
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Reply #2 - 11/30/12  10:12am
" ugh, good luck. i actually got that in middle school. and yup, i was vaccinated too - but vaccines may be 99% effective, but that's not 100%, so someone's going to end up catching it, and it's generally going to be the person with the wacky immune system - even though I didn't have RA yet, my immune system was always crazy. whooping cough took a looooong time to get over, 6-8 months, and until i was almost through college, i was getting bronchitis at least 3 times every winter. i finally got my lungs under control and then got RA. can't catch a break over here. anyway, i hope you don't catch it, and i hope your daughter gets over it quicker than i did. "
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Reply #3 - 12/06/12  7:14pm
" Hope it passes quickly for your daughter and that you stay healthy. I've gotten to the point where I'm starting to try out old wives tales to keep the germs away - last night I put raw, cut, onions in the bedrooms, until I woke up and couldn't stand the smell and dumped it in the hall at 2am. I've turned irrational :-)

Not sure if it's standard practice, but my doc made me get all my vaccines updated before I started my first drugs (plaquenil + mtx). "
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Reply #4 - 12/06/12  10:39pm
" Just to sympathise re suffering child. I am sure your living conditions will be good. Down here the dangerous problems with this illness seem to be where family overcrowded or similar.

I know how awful it feels to hear the coughing but it does pass. My children had a mildish form when they were younger than yours. The disease seems to change very slightly (as do others) over time and outbreaks so I guess vaccinating against it cant give total protection.

Sounds like you are under good medical care too. "
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Reply #5 - 12/07/12  11:27am
" It's been a big year for whooping cough where I live, too. I think I've read that the pertussis vaccine is only about 80% effective, so if the disease gets into the community, some vaccinated people will get it.

I'm glad to hear your daughter is 11- it's most dangerous to infants and toddlers. I hope your family stays/gets well. "
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Reply #6 - 12/07/12  8:31pm
" Thank you all for the advice and for the kind thoughts... and thank you very much Jen for checking with your rheumy for me...
My daughter is doing much better and thankfully got a fairly mild case. I think pretty much her whole class has had the illness, so apperently the vaccination is pretty innefective but at least it prevents them from becoming real ill.
It is a little scary that so much of our town has been on antibiotics either for treating the disease or as a preventive, makes me wonder about antibiotic resistance, but I guess I shouldn't worry about stuff like that.
Thanks again, you all are wonderful. "

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