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I am curious how those who use canes can do it. I tried one once, when I was limping like crazy, and I cannot support any weight on the cane. It is much too painful in my hands and wrists to do that.
Even if a cane was there just to help with balance, I can't see that helping, since my hands and wrists couldn't support me. I have to cut pancakes with a knife, because it hurts to try and cut them with the side of my fork.
I would image I couldn't use a walker either. Luckly my balance is still good. I do trip easily, but haven't fallen yet.
So I don't understand how that works. Comments? Thoughts?
Posted on 07/12/12, 04:05 am
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Reminder: This is a support group for Rheumatoid Arthritis. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #1 - 07/12/12  4:47am
" I'm lucky I don't have to depend on one.....yet. There are days though that I wonder!

If nothing else, you can always use your cane to knock someone in the head that says something stupid to you about RA. We've all had THAT experience!! "
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Reply #2 - 07/12/12  5:01am
" I am very dependent on my cane and sometimes have to use a walker. It does hurt my hand and wrist to use a cane but I look at it this way: What hurts worse, extra pressure on my arthritic hand, or a fall in the middle of a hard parking lot? I have fallen many times in my own home and when physically exerting myself, I feel like i am going to pass out any minute and get over heated very easily. I am so thankful I have my cane and my walker. I get yelled at by my mom for using the walker but she just doesn't understand. Then there are times that I feel like i need a wheelchair, for example I can't go to the local mall anymore to shop, I have to do most of it online, because walking the mall is too physically exerting for me and i almost fall and pass out even using the cane.

And as Granny said, you can always you your cane to bop someone over the head that tells you that you don't look sick or what have you!!

Using a cane is totally up to you but i know if I didn't, my butt would be on the floor more times than I can count!!

Gentle hugs,
Jenna "
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Reply #3 - 07/12/12  1:22pm
" Yeah, I'm in the same boat with Jenna. It hurts my hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders to use my cane, but it basically hurts my everything if I happen to fall down.

But, my left foot is definitely worse than my right hand/arm (the one that holds the cane) due to an old injury that decimated the joint of my big toe. So, its worth it for me to put up with the arm pain. "
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Reply #4 - 07/12/12  3:30pm
" I also use a cane for balance. Besides my bad knees and feet, I don't have a good sense of balance since an inner ear infection in my 30's.

And it hurts the hands and wrists, but since my last fall on the bike, I am not taking any chances with falling. Besides, it gives me an excuse for weaving around like a drunk. It is obvious something is wrong! LOL "
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Reply #5 - 07/12/12  3:37pm
" Right now I'm having a flare from hell, on my right hand. So yeah, that cane hurts like poop, but when my hand flares, I don't use the cane in the house, and when it's really bad, I wear my wrist splint, making holding a cane very manageable.

The doctor gave me 4 cortisone shots in my hand/wrist so I could use my cane again. That flare is just hanging on bleh.

Lin "
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Reply #6 - 07/13/12  4:51am
" It might be worth the pain, just to bop people!

And the weaving around like a drunk, yeah, I don't seem to be able to walk in a straight line anymore, and when I am tired it gets worse. Stupid RA. "
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Reply #7 - 07/13/12  3:54pm
" lol, inkjoy. it does suck...I hate to use my cane but I'll use it if I have to as it keeps me balanced too. Not to mention it keeps me from putting weight on my bad knee. "
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Reply #8 - 07/14/12  10:00am
" I use a cane too.It used to be more occasional, but in the past six months it's been every day. It does sometimes cause pain in my wrist and hand. So, I wear my wrist brace or wrap it in sports tape, and that gives me a little more support. The cane is very useful for me at work- I work in a huge hospital, and I just have to cover a lot of ground. I often find myself walking alongside a coworker, and I find they are more likely to walk at my speed if I have my cane. I'm 32 and baby faced, so using the cane gives people a hint that something is wrong without me having to bring it up. "

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