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swollen nodule above ankle bone
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Has anyone experienced this one? Yesterday I woke up with a painful foot. It is on the top of the foot right below the ankle bone. It is a huge round knot(almost looks like a broken blood vessel) My rhuemy suggested I up my predisone by one pill. It is a little better today, but still limping. She also asked me if It was in the other foot-it is not. Any suggestions for pain?
Posted on 12/08/09, 08:32 pm
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Reply #1 - 12/08/09  10:25pm
" I have the nodules on my foot as well...they are under my first 4 toes on the balls of my foot..they are painful and i limp all the time..i also have them on my left hand fingers..but i dont have them on the right side..i guess its common not to have both sides at the same time.
What i do for the pain and swelling is to soak my foot in hot water for a few min. then ice pack it for a few...i go back and forth for like an hour..its helped to ease the pain for awhile and it helps the swelling..this didnt start until i came off all the pred. i was taking..i had been on it a year...but i refuse to take it again unless its my only option..I hope you can find some relief from the pain..I hope this helps.

Kim "

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