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Jaw clicking from R.A.
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Anyone having clicking in their jaws? I have R.A. and have started noticing this happening about 2 weeks ago. My Rheumy asks me if I have this every time I go in for Follow-Ups but I haven't had it so far...actually I wondered why she always asked me. Is this a symptom of progression of R. A. and does it go away? Any advice? Thanks!
Posted on 10/03/10, 10:36 am
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Reply #1 - 10/03/10  12:40pm
" hi, yes my jaw clicks, but that is a good question. I dont know if its a symptom. i thought it was TMJ. I hope we find the answer to this. have a great day. "
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Reply #2 - 10/03/10  4:55pm
" My jaw also clicks...I told my doctor and it is a symptom or our RA, It also makes my ears hurt.. She said that is normal to. Just another thing to add to my long list of aches and pains..
Good Luck "
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Reply #3 - 10/03/10  6:09pm
" I have it alot. My jaw makes the same sound my other joints make. It is really painful at times. "
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Reply #4 - 10/03/10  8:14pm
" I guess for me it would be RA/TMJ. It does do better as long as the inflammation is not as high. Also, too, when I'm about to start my cycle for the month. My Rheumy asked me that question every time I went into her office for an appt.

{{{hugs}}} :-) "
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Reply #5 - 10/03/10  9:47pm
" Mine has recently begun clicking so loudly that my husband has noticed it. It seems to be getting worse. Sometimes my jaw seems stif,f and I feel like my speech is affected. My rheumy has never asked about it, and since it's a new symptom, I haven't asked him about it. Like becsue, I thought it was TMJ. It will be interesting to find if it is RA. I don't have any advice, I just hope your clicking is not painful. "
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Reply #6 - 10/04/10  8:47am
" Yes! I have had clicking and stiffness in my jaw since the beginning two years ago. I also get very stiff and it is uncomfortable to eat on that side sometimes. My doctor says it is the RA and until we get the inflamation under control it is not going to change. Sorry wish I had better advice for you, if your doctor gives you any ideas on relief please let me know. "
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Reply #7 - 10/04/10  10:08am
" Me too guys! I've had RA for 12yrs now and my jaw has been clicking loud for the past year now. I went to the dentist and got some x-rays and he said it was NOT TMJ. He said it was a piece of cartiledge that flaps loose or something and makes this loud clicking noise. The clicking is painless and just annoying for those around me. It does it so much I've become used to it until family and friends point it out. I wouldn't be surprised at all if its RA related. My dentist told me its something that will not go away and it is part of what happens from me grinding my teeth hard at night. And I didn't even know I was a teeth grinder! He recommended a mouth guard like a sports one for instance to protect my teeth because they are grinding away and that is what putting the pressure on my jaw. "
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Reply #8 - 10/04/10  8:44pm
" My RA started in my hands, ankles and yes jaw. It was swollen and could only open it about 1/2 inch until I got the meds like predinose and methotrexate in me. It has been 1 year this month since diagnosed and still have some cracking in my jaw. "
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Reply #9 - 10/04/10  9:38pm
" When I was diagnosed, the symptom that got me to emergency was that I could not move half of my jaw. It resulted in me biting my tongue really hard and causing a severe infection that required antibiotics. This, on top of not being able to move most joints in my hands, wrists, and shoulders convinced my doctor that I had RA... Interestingly, I never had any clicking. Go figure... "
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Reply #10 - 12/09/10  2:45am
" OMG! I have had jaw cracking problems for a few years now.... it pops, loudly, sometimes hurts when it cracks / pops, sometimes it is very painful to yawn, & chew on that side...it seems to only effect the left side. I have mentioned it to my Rhumatologist but he just said it's the progression of the disease... (sometimes I hate telling hime about new symptoms, I feel like a damn hypocondriac).... but sometimes it really hurts & I swear it makes my left ear clog. I really believe there is some sort of connection. Everytime my jaw starts up with the cracking for a few weeks...all of a sudden my left ear is clogged. I even asked my dentist about it one time & she insisted I grind my teeth in my sleep... I do NOT grind my teeth!!! Sometimes Dr.'s make me feel like I am crazy! I am NOT crazy! It's not that bad & I've just accepted it...I mean compared to everything else, what's one more thing.

But it's really nice to hear other people are dealing with this too... I guess I'm not crazy afterall, lol. "

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