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New Member: need encouragement and answers
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Hi everyone. I am new and am 6 weeks post surgery ( scleral buckle) from retina detachment. I am very impatient and worried about my vision in the left eye. I am still not corrected with contact lense due to cornea healing ( what the doctors referred to) My current prescription has increased by -5. I was very near sighted to begin with. The doctor tells me to be patient-- "it may take 2 months" He also tells me I may need cataract surgery or LASIK in future to totally restore my vision.

Has anyone experience delayed vision restoration like me? Has anyone had blurred vision this long? Has anyone undergone additional surgery like cataract or LASIK?
Posted on 07/24/11, 09:53 am
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Reminder: This is a support group for Retinal Detachment. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #1 - 07/24/11  5:19pm
" Hello and welcome. I had gas bubble surgery 3 times. Twice in the right eye and once in the left for detached retinas. The gas bubble took several weeks to 2 months to heal enough for me to regain my eyesight without seeing the bubble. In my right eye, I lost quite a bit of vision but a stronger prescription remedied that and also I developed quite a cataract in my right eye so had to have cataract surgery in that eye and then a couple of months later in my left eye as I needed the balance of vision. The cataract surgery restored my vision amazingly well. I no longer needed glasses except for comuter work as I had whats called monovision-where my right eye is corrected for distance and my left for close up. I am very happy with the results of all my surgery but it did take a lot of patience for all the healing. It will get better but like I said, you need a lot of patience. Hope this helped a bit. If you have a good doc, trust him to know how the recovery process works. If you are not sure about your doc, seek a second opinion. "

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