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Do you have trouble climbing stairs?
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Does anyone else have trouble climbing stairs or leaning over? Do you know why? I have this problem and wonder why some people are so active, but lose their breath when they bend over or go up stairs? Any ideas?
Posted on 12/09/08, 11:58 am
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Reply #1 - 12/10/08  3:49pm
" Hi there Goldi,
Yes I do have trouble with stairs, hills and like you - bending forward. I think its because the heart needs to pump more blood when we use more muscles to climb stairs etc. With the hypertension, the heart is pumping like mad but the blood isn't going through the lungs properly (well mine isn't anyway!)so that's why I get breathless!
I started on the viagra last Friday but can't honestly say that I've noticed any improvement as yet. I know its early days but I so much want these tablets to work! At least there don't seem to be any nasty side effects either and the doctor did say it would take at least a couple of weeks before I would notice anything. I'll just have to try to be patient! How are your tests going? Take care - love Sandie x "
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Reply #2 - 12/10/08  9:11pm
" Thanks for replying. I am suppose to go on Viagra too, so I will be watching what happens to you :) Now it makes sense why I have such a hard time with stairs and bending over. What a horrible way to be, but I guess we all have our problems. Take care huggggers Joanne :) "
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Reply #3 - 12/11/08  6:43am
" Hi guys. Joanne, I cannot in all honesty answer this question in relation to PH, as I am in a wheelchair due to COPD and Heart Failure. But, I did not want you to think I was not responding for no good reason. (smile) I do not and have not been prescribed the Viagra either, so you and Sandie will have to compare notes on that one. JoAnn "
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Reply #4 - 12/12/08  10:38am
" yes i too have problem breathing when i climb stairs or bend over. my doctor tells me it is the arteries in my lungs due to the pulmonary hypertension which constricts the arteries when their is exsertion i think thats how he put it. it is the strain on everything going up. do like i do sometimes i go up the stairs backwards i notice that i can make it up without stopping or being short of breath. but be careful how up come up when you are bending over to pick up something, because if you come up to fast you will get dizzy and might pass out due to lake of oxygen by coming up to fast. believe me i know this "
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Reply #5 - 12/12/08  1:58pm
" That sounds like a good idea. I go DOWN the stairs backwardsa and find it easier. I never thought of going UP the stairs backwards... DUH! Thanks,, I will give it a try Joanne :) "
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Reply #6 - 01/12/09  1:31pm
" Each time I see my PAH doctor she asks me if I can climb stairs and how many and if I get short of breathe also how far I can walk. I am doing better but still can't climb stairs well without having to stop to get my breath. I went to my doctor this past week and she gave me a good report and when I did the walk test I passed it - which means my oxygen level is o.k. and it seems the heart shock helped get my heart back to beating like it was suppose to - so I don't have to go back to the PAH doctor for 4 months then they will do another echo to find out the pressure from my lung to my heart. Hope you are doing o.k. Love and Prayers, Berta "
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Reply #7 - 01/12/09  4:20pm
" Hello Berta,
I too had a 6 minute walk test this week! I have been feeling much more energetic since I got the new tablets so was quite confident that there would be some improvement in my blood oxygen levels. I started off at quite a steady pace and felt fine. Before the 6 minutes was over, the physio stopped me as the O2 had dropped to 83 ! I was really surprised as I wasn't even breathless! Strange..... I am seeing my consultant this week so I'll see if he knows the reason. I did walk further and faster than the last test so that was good news anyway.
Sounds like you're improving too - take care Sandi x "

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