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Chest Congestion
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Two weeks ago today I was in the ER learning I had bi-lateral PEs. I feel like my chest is congested - but I do not have a cough or cold. There is no pain or other worrisome symptoms. It has been the same, not better or worse, since I was in the hospital. I am assuming this is a normal part of the healing process, right? I should just let myself heal before I get back into my running and workout classes, correct? I am like many of you, exhausted one day and ready to take on the world the next. Today...I am bone-tired! This is not easy for me to not be able to plan anything because I won't know how I feel. I used to really consistent on my work outs and completed three 5Ks last fall. I had planned to do seven more this spring, but now I don't know how many I will do. I lost 50 lbs last year and it was quite an accomplishment for me to be able to train and finish a 5k at 250 lbs...I was looking forward to losing more weight to decrease my running time. I guess I am frustrated. How do you deal with physical limitations when you feel good emotionally/mentally? Am I expecting too much too soon?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts...
Posted on 02/18/09, 10:41 am
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Reply #1 - 02/18/09  11:59am
" First you go out in the back yard and scream then you find something and break it! Just Kidding, or not. Sometimes that's exactly what i feel like doing as I am an extremely active person and having limitations set on me drives me absolutely crazy. I do know how you feel and what you are going through. I am a 3 time multiple PE survivor not a title I'm glad to have and each time I have had a PE episode I get the tight feeling in my chest and there goes my activity levels. I just keep plugging along though and get back to my life. My philosophy is you can either live with your PE or let it run your life. I refuse to give up on my life just because I have had PE's I like you AM A SURVIVOR don't ever forget that OK. Talk to your doctor and ask him when you can get back to your workouts and take it slow to start. Your body just went through a very traumatic event and you survived, a lot of people don't survive the PE's. Take your time, be patient and remember your never alone, were here with you.
HUGS and good luck
Joyce "
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Reply #2 - 02/18/09  9:47pm
" Hello and welcome, and congrats on your weight loss and running marathons. Ferr is right. I went to the dollar store and bought some el cheapo glasses and whenever I have that feeling, I go down in the basement and scream and throw a glass at the wall just to let it out. We are ALL SURVIVORS and we are some of the healthiest sick people you will ever see. However, this moment in time in our lives should not define the rest of our lives. At least that is my motto. As Ferr said, talk to your doctor and come up with a game plan for how soon you can start to take back your life. BUT, you do have to be patient. Again, you may not look sick, but your body has been through a tremendous trauma. Take your time and be patient with your body. It does need time to heal. We are all here for you. "

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