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Green Tea
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I was ready to prepare a cup of hot green tea. I was drinking the regular Lipton tea, but I thought Green tea would be healthier. But, just as soon as I was ready to drink it, I thought, "Green?" So I went and looked it up online and sure enough, Green tea is loaded with Vitamin K. Does any one have any suggestions on Tea that can be safely consumed without altering the INR levels? Thanks.

Posted on 01/07/14, 07:39 pm
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Reply #1 - 01/08/14  8:49am
" The amount of vitamin k in green tea is kind of misleading because hardly any gets into the water. I drink green tea intermittently and never had an issue with my INR. You could drink it and test your INR to see if it has any affect if it's a concern. Obviously it could affect some people more than others.

Here's an interesting thread on this "
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Reply #2 - 01/10/14  3:18pm
" Thanks, rmb---- but the more interesting thread (I haven't looked for it) is where I discovered that not only did many charts list Green Tea as very high in Vit K but the handout sheet I got from the anti-coag clinic did also!!!!

They were probably getting information from one supposedly good site l that shows Green Tea as very high in Vit K. for ONE POUND OF DRIED TEA LEAVES NOT CUPS OF BREWED TEA!!! LOL

Indwen, you're probably looking at that same site. "

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