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New headache already
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Hi everyone,

So on Monday I woke up and my 18-day headache was no longer present.

Tuesday I felt like I had the "hangover" feeling that is commonly described as post-drome for migraine sufferers.

Today I'm home from work with terrible facial pain, headache, floaters more noticeable and distracting than usual, tunnel vision, and nausea.

I do not have papilledema, so this visual stuff is probably more in the migraine realm.

I am so frustrated and I am afraid my boss is going to tell me "we have a problem" tomorrow, as it relates to sick time and days I need to work from home because of the pain.

I have exhausted my options at the neurologist.

I'm thinking of trying Reiki, but in the meantime, I'm just in so much pain. So very frustrated.
Posted on 12/06/12, 03:07 pm
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Reply #1 - 12/06/12  6:27pm
" dpan,

I have such a heavy heart for you. I understand.

I'm sitting here with the edge taken off a headache that I know will be back in full swing in a few hours.

It is such a relief when the pain stops. Relief doesn't even begin to describe it. Sometimes headaches never completely go away. A headache hangs in the space we call our "new normal." Most people are at home in bed all day with pain we call "normal." We're out coping, saving only the worst of worst days for bedrest. Which lately has been most of the time, I guess.

Who is looking after your eyes? A Opthamologist (MD)? Optomatrist (OD)? A neuro-opthamologist (MD)? It needs to be someone that knows about papilloedema. One of the opthamologists I saw didn't know much if at all about it, which surprised the heck out of me.

The vision symptoms could be a migraine, or IH. IH can cause visual symptoms without papilloedema.

I asked my neuro for a referral to a pain management doctor. I one many years ago for a back injury and it helped. I'm hoping one will help again with my headache pain. I don't want to take more drugs, but they have other tools like meditation, biofeedback, non-narcotic drug options, etc.

I'd say take that frustration and throw some pillows or chop some wood or something, but I know that'd just make your head worse. So relaxxxxxxx. Breathe deep and see visions of beautiful things. Eventually everything is going to be alright. "
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Reply #2 - 12/06/12  7:14pm
" I am sorry dpan.

I too have visual disturbances and do not have paps. I reposted another members headache protocol you may want to read. Courtney has shunts and works at a hospital and her doctor uses it for IIH migraines and bad headaches. I have used the at home formula of OTC meds and it has helped. Aleve, benedryl, B12. Lots of sleep. "
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Reply #3 - 12/07/12  9:14am
" dpan,
I am so sorry you are having so much pain. I understand all too well the horrible pain of headaches with all the side effects you describe. Sometimes all you can do is medicate, lie flat in bed in the dark and pray. I will pray that this severe pain leaves you soon and in the meantime we are here for you. Hang in there and keep us posted.
Beth "
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Reply #4 - 12/07/12  11:36am
" Thanks, everybody!

My eyes are looked after by an ophthalmologist as well as my neuro who only treats headache patients.

My neuro wants me to come in to get looked at after I described my prickly/tingly facial pain. That will happen next week.

Just picked up 5mg Vicodin as well as some B12 and I'm home from work resting.

My coworker (who gets migraines) and boss (whose husband gets migraines) think I'm nuts for not going to the ER for help, but my headaches don't respond to anything they'd try in the ER. Very frustrating. "
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Reply #5 - 12/12/12  10:42am
" Pain meds do NOT work for pressure headaches! One thing the ER can do for you is give you a spinal tap and remove some spinal fluid to reduce the pressure. They might look at you like you are nuts for refusing pain meds and asking for a spinal tap, but this is the only thing that they can do to help your headache. "

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