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Before I get started just wanted to say No insurance and no money. I have been having pains in my left side. Around the waist area. I can not figure out what it is. Would that be anything to do with my kidneys or bladder. Would it? I can't figure it out. It hurts worst when I stand up
Posted on 05/12/12, 06:09 pm
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Reply #1 - 05/12/12  6:29pm
" FIRST: Call your local hospital system and see if they have a charity care program. I know a lot of the ones in Michigan do.

Second: it is possible that it could be kidney related. You should really get it checked out if you are unsure. Usually if the hospital system does carry a charity program they will back date it and clear any previous charges. In the mean time drink lots of water. If it's a stone it's just going to take time to work its way out.

Good luck "
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Reply #2 - 05/12/12  9:04pm
" I can't remember - are you on Diamox, Topamax, or Lasix? If so, I'd be suspicious of a stone. Is there a free clinic in your area, where a PCP can check you out? If not, public hospitals have to take you whether you pay or not, but they will continually ask you to pay unless you make other arrangements (ask the fees be forgiven, or ask for a big discount). In the meantime, Krislen is right. Drink LOTS of water. It helps a stone pass more quickly. If you quit peeing or the pain gets really bad to into the ER. (If a stone gets stuck it could cause kidney damage) "
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Reply #3 - 05/12/12  9:55pm
" I do take Diamox it is on the side. I have been fighting a UTI. AZO cranberry pills and AZO standard pills today. I was thinking about getting some Alkaseltzer tomorrow. "
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Reply #4 - 05/12/12  11:24pm
" I don't know about cranberry pills, but they've shown cranberry juice doesn't actually help bladder infections much. The Azo standard pills won't get rid of the infection, only make it less painful. Hearing what you have to say about back pain I'm wondering if you have a kidney infection. That's serious.

I'll add about kidney stones - when they are in my bladder I feel like I have a bladder infection but I don't, but it goes away within a day or so.

Do you have a free clinic in your area? It's my personal opinion that you need to go in. Or I guess you could get some of those UTI self-test strips they have in the drug store. They are about $10. If it's positive then you'll need to go in. "
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Reply #5 - 05/13/12  12:50am
" The test kits will not work if you have been taking azo. I did and the Dr tried to do a lab test with the urine but it came back inconclusive due to the azo. That would be a good thought though to save on money. "
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Reply #6 - 05/13/12  1:20am
" I know AZO does mess the test up but I always reach for the AZO first. It is starting to ease up some. I'll let you know if I get better worse or go to the Dr. "
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Reply #7 - 05/13/12  1:21am
" I think I will get one of those test kits and keep on hand for later. I did not know there was such a thing. Thanks "
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Reply #8 - 05/13/12  5:04pm
" Kidney pain is felt on the lower back, it so intense....hardly you can confuse it with any other pain you've ever experienced. If it's a kidney stone it will keep getting intense until the kidney stone is expelled, if it has the proper size to be eliminated that way.

Bladder infection pain, feels also on the lower back and may be accompanied by problems such as feeling the urge to go to the bathroom all the time or having pain or problems related to that. Thi one requires antibiotics in order to feel relief 24 or 48 hours later.

Both of them will feel a little alleviated after taking huge amounts of water.

I remember a pain in that left area related to my gallbladder and later I had to have it removed.

All of the above is just me talking from my own and personal experience.

Hope you get well soon,

KrYs "
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Reply #9 - 05/13/12  10:31pm
" I'll add my experience with those cursed stones and other back and abdominal pain.

I've passed a bunch of kidney stones. Some were about 3mm, some were a bunch of very tiny ones that looked like tiny grains of sand, most were a size inbetween those two.

The bigger one hurt incredibly. The pain was in both my back and my abdomen. In the back it started about a hand and a half's width below my shoulder blade, and traveled downwards from there. I also had abdominal pain that was more generalized. I wanted to die. But, I knew what it was, and I have good pain meds at home so I took those and toughed it out until it was over.

The smallest ones I may not even feel. They just come out. surprise!

Ones that are in the middle for me feel like a minor backache that moves downwards over time, or like back spasms, or like my period starting. It felt incredibly irritating in my bladder and when leaving my body, like the most intense itch and scratch at the same time. When they are in my bladder it feels like a bladder infection - the urge to pee all the time, and bladder cramps. I got one temporarily stuck in there once and it hurt. Huge bladder ache. It felt like my bladder was going to explode.

I've also had a kidney infection. It was a major kidney ache plus a bladder infection feeling all at the same time. I peed blood but I don't think you have to in order for it to be a kidney infection. I felt really sick in general - cold sweats, fever, weak, etc. My doctor didn't catch it the first time I went in. It turned out to be some weird bacteria that I have no idea what it was, but the lab caught it the next time. I took antibiotics for a month before it was gone.

I had a gallstone block my gallbladder once. Another "I want to die" kind of pain, intense abdominal pain in the RH side almost under the bottom of the my ribs . It shook itself loose before my gallbladder was removed. Now there was big fun. My gallbladder removal was "drive through" surgery. Knock you out, remove it, rest for an hour or two, send you straight on home. If they really could do it through a drive-through window it would be much more convenient.

The Pancreas (pancreatitis) is on your left - that's another "god I want to die" abdominal pain. Most people are in the hospital for a few days with that one. I haven't had it but my sister and friend did. They were both on a morphine pump. "
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Reply #10 - 05/13/12  11:01pm
" Hi Randie
I don't know about the stones, but I would check your temp and ensure you're not febrile. To me this sounds like digestive tract like colon...are youpoopin ok? possibly pancreas? Or maybe ulcer type pain.Just a couple cents of thoughts.I pray by the time I am writing this you feel better!
Nancy "

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