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Psoriasis outbreak in my privates
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Hi everyone! I'm new to the site. I have had moderate psoriasis for almost 7 years. Over the past few months, I have developed an outbreak on my genitals. Just wondering if anyone else has psoriasis there? If so, do you have any advice, tips, or recommendations for me? Thanks in advance!

Posted on 08/18/10, 06:40 pm
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Reply #1 - 08/19/10  1:44pm
" never heard of it there before... I will do some research and get back to you though. I would find a female dermotologist asap. "
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Reply #2 - 08/19/10  1:46pm
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Reply #3 - 08/19/10  3:34pm
" i know how you feel, i get occassional breakouts in that area. kinda treat it like all other areas, ointment, Vaseline, lotions, keep the area moist and if possible get some uv exposure either though sun if you have a private place or though tanning, that helps me and clears up in like 2-3 days "
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Reply #4 - 08/22/10  5:18pm
" Hi. I'm a girl having the same problem...

My doctor prescibed a milder steroid oitment, which can help. "
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Reply #5 - 08/23/10  9:12am
" Boy,.. do I have a horror story about breaking out in the "privates" I had my first breakout around 41 with Psoriasis, (I am now 47) I was told I had excema. As the breakout progressed I did develop Psoriasis in my private parts. I went back to the quack Derm. Dr. and she took one look and told me I had HERPES, I had been in a long term relationship, I knew I had not put myself at risk but accused my boyfriend. although he never had ANY Herpe sores in his privates. I believed this for two years. (the relationship ended, for many reasons but this being one) I got tested for Herpes and it was NEG. but was told the virus could lay dorment for years. I moved to a different town, found a new Derm Dr. Immediatesly he told me I had Psoriasis NOT Excema, (DUH) a few months later I broke out again in my private area, went to the Derm. Dr. and he said "OH YES IT DOES HAPPEN THERE ALSO AND THAT IS WHAT IS WAS" I went for 4 years believing I had HERPES. So YES people do get it there!! I do not get it often but when I do it is very uncomfortable and itchy, I use by Clobex and just try to keep it dry. "
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Reply #6 - 08/23/10  9:19am
" OH...and tanning beds (the stand up booths) do work, I actually stand with my legs apart and "spread" my behind. I don't mean to be so graphic, but it most certainly helps. I went every 3 days for 10 min. It is summer now so I am not so broke out, and fortuantely have not had it in my private area for almost a year. "
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Reply #7 - 11/01/10  10:13pm
" i have psoriasis in my groin and private area; it is really annoying, itching, painful and my skin breaks and bleed. i cannot use interiors and pants. the worse is the embarrasment that i feel when doctors have to see my private area. feel ashasment and i feel like God is punishment me for some kind of sexual sin.feel very sad. I worry that my sore skin can develop in cancer. "
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Reply #8 - 11/17/10  2:44pm
" dude mine was i was thinking i have AIDS for real im so scared.
thank god i just have Psoriasis, and its that doing well ether sigh * gawd why? "

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