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Hi ladies,

Im about 7 weeks pregnant.
In the first 4 weeks I had a very heavy cramping feeling in my uterus... then the sore boobs, mainly the nipples...
Over the last couple days I have noticed that my nipples/boobs arent as sore, and the cramping feeling in my uterus is gone.

Maybe Im paranoid, but Im worried that something could be wrong??
This is my first pregnancy and I just dont know what to expect... Im overwhelmed with the fear of losing my baby..

Has anyone else experienced this?? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.. and Congratulations to you all with your pregnancies!
Posted on 04/23/12, 01:47 pm
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Reply #1 - 04/23/12  2:40pm
" I had terrible cramping my first few weeks but it got better and completely went away after a month. Breast soreness can come and go throughout the whole pregnancy. I doubt anything is wrong, but don't be afraid to communicate with your doctor. "
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Reply #2 - 04/25/12  5:56pm
" Don't worry, symptoms change a lot throughout your pregnancy. My boobs hurt something terrible in the beginning, now they haven't bothered me at all in months. I also haven't had any cramping at all.
Definitely ask your doctor anytime something like that concerns you, but remember that the symptoms come and go and are not always the same so don't stress about it!
(: "
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Reply #3 - 04/26/12  1:18pm
" im 34 wks .. my boobs were sore in the very begining but it calmed down alot until now .. if you continuously felt cramping id actually say tell your doctor to check you out. its a good thing your not:) "
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Reply #4 - 05/01/12  6:41pm
" Don't worry girl! I was in the exact same boat. Every day early on I had cramps (which is the uterus expanding and preparing) and when they stopped I was petrified. I was convinced I was losing the baby. But its completely normal for things to be hectic in the beginning (first month) and then they taper off. I am 16.5 weeks now and the doctor says everything is fine with the baby. "

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