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PMS nausea?
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I'm wondering if anyone else has premenstrual nausea. A couple days before my period, I get really queasy and just feel awful. I also get headaches and can't seem to regulate my body temperature (as in, I sweat to the point where I feel I'm going to pass out). For example, my period started late last night, and I was up watching tv on the couch most the night because I couldn't sleep due to extreme nausea. I never used to have this problem. I used to get the crazy mood swings (i.e, inordinate rage and crying jags), which, interestingly, have seemed to have faded with the arrival of these new, physical symptoms.
My condition is worsened by the fact that I'm TERRIFIED of vomiting, so when I feel queasy, I immediately slip into a panic attack (I also have panic disorder . . .don't I sound like a fun person?!?!? :( ).
I guess I'm just looking to see if I'm the only one who feels this way or if anyone can offer some support. It's getting to the point where I'm having a hard time focusing at work or even eating on these few days.
Posted on 11/13/08, 01:39 pm
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Reply #1 - 11/13/08  5:48pm
" I used to vomit right before my period and get horrible cramps.I also know very well about the fevers because I still get those and the nausea but I don't vomit.I'm sorry you have to go through this. "
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Reply #2 - 11/13/08  7:15pm
" This sounds so much like me it's scary. The premenstrual nausea is so bad I have to lay down or I will get sick. Eating is also an issue during that time. I drink alot of tea and water so something is in my tummy at least. My mood swings, anger, crying and iriirritably get very bad as well. You are not alone with this. Knowing how horible it is, I hope and pray you come out of it soon.

Are you on any meds to help the symptoms? My dr is to afraid to try meds on me due to other heath conditions. I left a reply on treatment post on here if your interested. I practic natural therapies and have found them calming the symptoms down some. "
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Reply #3 - 11/24/08  10:45am
" We could be the same person! Hi, I'm new to this sight, found it last night while googling "PMS Insomnia" from my Blackberry while lying in bed at 3am! It always makes me feel better to read about other people who go threw the same feelings, so I'll do my best to make you feel better and calm your fears.

Yes! Yes! Yes!! I most certainly get very queasy prior to my period. Compound this with the fact that I would rather be flung into a pit of hungry lions while covered in bar-b-que sause than throw up, and that makes for... a Panic attack; which as i'm sure you know, makes the nausea worse right? I go threw the same thing, about every other month. It seems one month it will be cramps from hell and i'm irratable, (sp?) and the next will be almost a 24/7 sick feeling that can happen anywhere up to 10 days prior to my period. So now that you know your not alone ( I've also Googled "PMS neusea" and found a bunch sites that assure my panicked mind that I'm not alone and NOT SICK) I'll list a few things that I've found help me feel better. But before I start, I want to assure you I'm speaking from the same place you are. I'm terrififed of throwing up beyond all rationality (their is actualy a name for this, its Emetophobia, theres a few support groups for us out there as well) and I suffer PMS induced panick attacks that are at times debilitaing, I've had to pull off the express way on my way to work before because I was just to afraid to be away from my comfort zone. Its scary and uncomfortable and unless you've expierenced it, others just cant understand right? So please rest assured that your not alone. "
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Reply #4 - 11/24/08  10:47am
" whoa... where did the rest of my reply go? I just spend a half hour listing ways to help you... I'm so sorry but I can't retype that all :( "
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Reply #5 - 11/24/08  10:24pm
" I copyed and pasted this from another of my relpies so I do not have to type this all again. I hope you do not mind. My hands are not doing good right now.

I'm a strong believer in mixed medician. I use a tea called Uterine support. It helps at to calm some of the symptoms down. There is also Mood mender and Mellow yellow. These teas can be found at www.chakra4.com. This is an herb shope that I order from.

I looked it up and also found that Evening primrose oil will help. The directions say to take 500-1000 mg per day during cycle.

Chaste tree berry, 30-40 mg per day during cycle.

I was alos told that an herb Rhodiola can help. It was too late to try it so I will next month.

Meditation and imergry helps at night or when I have alone time.

If you want to go into the holistic healing group on my page I left a post and the founder gave some realy good advice there too.

Yoga is good for relaxing and calming symptoms.

Mint, ginger, chamomile tea is good for the nausea.

I like to make toasted english muffins with hunny as well. You can use any bread though. Ricecakes are good too. Any thing dry helps.

Milk calms the tummy problems and nausea for me, and is a good meal replacement for when you don't want to eat.

Thats all I have for now. I truly hope some of this works. God bless! "
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Reply #6 - 11/26/08  8:43am
" i have just joined this group and saw your post - i have this and whilst reading ur post my mouth fell open u could also be me - i been asking my mates for months do u feel sck before ur period theyre like no im like oh ok maybe i have some sort of hormone prob - i have about two weeks amonth wher ei feel ok the week before i feel pooey and the week im on i feel pooey !! nightmare "
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Reply #7 - 12/03/08  7:45am
" Oh no flutterbean, you just have to retype all the stuff that has helped you.We need to know pleassssssssssssss!!!!its really amazing to hear that i am not alone when it comes to feeling sick before my period.Mine started after childbirth and presently my doc has ordered some blood work to test my hormones.he says it could be some form of hormonal imbalance.I guess i also get does panic attacks, i am always afraid of getting sick.Horrible!!!Please flutterbean.Pleaseeee "
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Reply #8 - 12/28/08  4:23pm
" I get those exact same symptoms-nausea, panic attacks etc.- plus terrible menstrual cramps when I get my period. I'm scared to vomit as well.
what I'm taking is gravol but it is too soon to tell if it is working or not.
Good luck! "
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Reply #9 - 04/14/09  11:34pm
" Im so glad im not the only one! I dont vomit cause i hate vomiting but i do feel nauseous like flufferbean said for about 10 days. It has happened after my menstrual before too. I feel bloated, gassy, fatigued, feverish, and my acid reflux flares up a little in those days its aweful feeling. I talked to my doctor during an appointment but she told me that that could just be the way my body is now (mind you this appointment was for an ear ache, so she was a little irritated that i asked) but anyway i thought i was the only one! none of my friends have had this and it worried me since i was the only one. Now i know what to ask my doctor on my next appointment. :) "
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Reply #10 - 04/15/09  10:57am
" OK guys!
I'm HAPPY to inform you that my nausea and menstrual cramps are GONE and for good.
For me this is a miracle. I have been suffering since I was a teenager and I thought I will have to live with this til menopause.

The medication I'm taking is called Neprinol

It is a new medication and I'm sure your doctor doesn't know about it.

Please do a good research on this product and give it a try. It has changed my life.

Good Luck! "

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