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OT/Found a giant old boat, making it into cabins
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galley - that is going to be huge, also deck is ginormous and shiiiiiiiiny. lots of hammocks and potted trees, carved benches that work for sleepin or sitting on. i am hoping for a carved totem if we may be honoured with one.

i am waiting for others to come and have a look. we have lots of room for several floors, so plenty of room for luxury accomodations. sound proofing, stuff like that.

anyone want a recording studio? come on - start designing now and pick your location :)

i think stables and that sort will be close to water level so when they are loading they can have a level shot and be more emotionaly comfortable being on board and off loading too.

i used to have friends with boats and one in particular, the paddling madeleine - she was a great medium sized house boat - and was a live aboard in dock at the harbour nearby but nobody was staying on board. i was given the key and free rein to live there or not - sanctuary for one whole summer. oh - so good. there was an enormous sea gull who practically fought me for anything i bbqd - big guy. each day an otter cruised by with a couple of clams in his hans - he was hitting them together to get at the goodies - i could swear he was smiling at me. they seem to always be in a good mood.

there were showers for people keeping boats there - it was at the yacht club - whooo whoooo. didn't feel fancy, just boaty. i liked it. nobody bothered me and i was safe there.

thought this might be a fun thing to do. another get away for us.

everyone can design their own apartments - i mean like really apartments. you can make a whole flat if you like or a ....townhouse?? balconies are cool too. port holes - why not!! the style can be whatever you like - we will be an ecclectic bunch as we are for reals. or we can let this one slide and continue on the wonderful glitter submarine. thought it may be nice to have it all. because we are worth it.

you can add in anything that will make you more comfortable - giggling.
Posted on 02/12/14, 05:29 pm
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Reply #181 - 02/28/14  2:06am
" I think it is time I venture back, and come aboard the boat. I would like a hammock, in a plain room, nothing really special just a small radio and a window so I can watch outside as I soak everything in. Geroge will be coming too, my green kitty. I am so glad he came to me after he was once lost, he is a very happy and helpful kitty, loves to cheer people up. Undoubtedly he will be visiting you all just to show he is aboard and loving everyone.
I would like to help in the kitchen, as long as it is not grilled cheese! I couldn't cook one to save my life! Pots, skillets, coffee makers, oh the smell of fresh coffee covering the kitchen, I am in Heaven already.
I want to paint my walls. Beautiful colors, greens, red, yellow, blurple, every color ever imagined! The sensation of it all, oh colors that smell! Colors you can feel, radiate the feelings put into them. Colors that move, come alive, talk, dance, sing! Just imagine all the excitement!!!!! "
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Reply #182 - 03/03/14  4:13pm
" Welcome gero, This got o long we continued on a second trhead. But simple is nice. I kinda forgot all about my room now that the solarium is made on top deck. Open sides to let the music and warm breezes flow. There is also an acrylic domed ceiling so we can watch the stars at night . Right now there is some spanish guitar playing somewhere...may be Muji or Jon... or I don't know so many talented people here. I will pour you a frosted Mango Mimosa if you like? A green kitty! My favorite color! we will have to toss some cat nip seed in a planter, so cool, just blink blink and it grows, Ther are some pillows and stuff around to give her some thing to curl nto and purr. Love that sound.

Paint your room a rainbow of colors, everything here is so so so much more than any where else in a ggod way. I loves me the smell of coffee in the morning too. "
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Reply #183 - 03/12/14  2:39pm
" faith - this is when Calypso was born - before she was named - as she was named - if you feel like a long read. it is fun to me. if I tried to explain it, as you can see - I would type...rather a lot : ) "
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Reply #184 - 03/12/14  3:31pm
" How good it is to have a place of dreams, when we need a break from the world. Today 4=inches of wet snow. My bruised ribs will not even let get car out. I have called into class. I hate missing any of them, but not able to shovel out , not even in bits at a time.

Usually there are two boys around that come out to shovel for money, haven't seen them yet. But they start three blocks down., so they may be wore out.

So time for the solarium and maybe photoshop painting?
I have an airbrush set up to play with if I can reach the plugs and stuff for compressor, bending over really hurts now..

I do have some canvas? and paints, easy to do with my lights handy.

Well maybe just simple, better to heal. "
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Reply #185 - 03/12/14  3:43pm
" I have all these things I 'should' do. We have decided together - mom and I that what we must do - is rest. forced rest is not easy, I fight it every day. Today, instead, rolling with it - maybe - going to try though.

hope you can - I know doing your drawing and art is a way to relax for you. hugs and here's to feeling better : ) "
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Reply #186 - 06/05/14  1:41am
" bump - so new people can read if they want to : )

or we can read again - it is actually a fairly quick read. "

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