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Truth and Opinion
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Do not seek the truth. Only cease to cherish opinion. ~Zen Proverb

Wa-a-a-a-ay back in the 60s -preteen- I blew the whistle on the family incest, etc. I became a chronic Truth Teller. I could tell any Truth, no matter how ugly. Especially when it was somebody else's Truth. All too often, my telling of Truth was harsh and cruel. I can't help noticing you are a fat slob or a callow Normal Person. One of Those People. I am just too weird to live.

Getting a handle on my compulsive Truth Telling has been high on my personal list lately. Mixing compassion with my honesty? Letting truth be a many faceted gem? Distinguishing Truth from Opinion?

Thoughts welcome...
Posted on 11/02/13, 11:34 am

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Reply #1 - 11/02/13  11:51am
" I have caught myself pointing out "truths" to others. I have really gotten better about doing that. Partly because I have been and still am a recipient of unwanted truths or someone pointing out the obvious.

Sometimes I have to pause and think about how I would feel if someone said to me what I am about to say to them. Most of the time end up keeping my mouth shut or rephrase it. "
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Reply #2 - 11/02/13  11:58am
" as I reread your post I may have completely missed the point. Truth vs Opinion.

Opinions...what are they like????

I break the two up by assigning each to their own compartment. My emotional side is full of opinions. My opinions seem to be based on experiences and emotions. All men are sociopaths. I know it isn't true but some days it is my opinion. When I feel that way I go digging around in the fact box. I find that there are men I know that I like. They have proven themselves to not be sociopaths. So therefore the truth is Only Some Men are Sociopaths.

Sorry for the babble. I often can't get the stuff in my head into coherent words. Maybe that is why I take pictures "
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Reply #3 - 11/02/13  2:38pm
" I thought that I was the only one who fit this category. I tend to do both, I have always been vocal. Unfortunately many people don't want the truth or opinions unless it is to make them feel better about themselves. Now that I am old I have learned that the truth can sometimes destroy. Like when one married partner has an affair or visits a prostitute. It is much easier to deal with guilt and shame than to deal with a broken family. A wise man once said "A fool will open his mouth and remove all doubt, but a fool who remains silent is considered to be among the Wise."

Cecil, you crack me up. "
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Reply #4 - 11/02/13  3:33pm
" Wow, this is deep.

Truth vs opinion. I noticed that you said "truth" vs a fact. I think this is the critical distinction.

My mother is 67 years old. Fact.

My mother did not do her job as a mother. My truth.

My mother has mental health issues. My truth and an unproven fact.

My mother is a horrible person. An opinion.

Does it matter which is which?

I think the bigger question is, when does one feel compelled to voice any of the above? Is it for the benefit of the speaker, or the listener? What if it falls upon deaf ears or is unsolicited? Is it to SAY it, or for it to be HEARD?

Thanks for the mind candy! "
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Reply #5 - 11/02/13  3:36pm
" Every person's truth is different. I do not always use my voice and sometimes feel like others attempt to impose their truths on me. I'm improving though. The thing is when we tell our truth the reactions from others are sometimes difficult to deal with.

I just came home from a week long residency for my MS in counseling. I had a diverse group. By the end of the week I came to realize that while we are all very different we are also very much the same. Behind every face there lies a struggle. "
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Reply #6 - 11/02/13  6:03pm
" as one who has recieved you `truth telling' in the form of calling me a baby-raping, druid, bi-sexual pedafile (yes, i still have that pm, if you forget sending it to me. i'd be happy to copy-and-paste it here), i can say that i sincerely doubt a black, evil heart can change. good luck w/ that. "
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Reply #7 - 11/02/13  6:47pm
" i'm sorry group

i deeply regret posting that. :(

i'll get it closed. and obviously going to continue a long break from this websight. i'm an idiot. "


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