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4 By mujicaptsd
10:36 pm
2 By mujicaptsd
10:34 pm
Someone is deleting her account today 
4 By mujicaptsd
10:27 pm
Anger at people who 
4 By arfie
10:26 pm
Feeling cruddy 
13 By mujicaptsd
10:26 pm
2 By arfie
10:20 pm
I was interviewed for a radio show 
2 By mujicaptsd
10:20 pm
Triggers after 15+ years 
1 By arfie
10:14 pm
need advise 
7 By arfie
9:53 pm
to forgive or not? poss tw 
17 By DeliAnnem
6:29 pm
link w/tips for grounding etc. 
3 By LillyPotter
5:04 pm
Dreams/ Nightmares 
6 By Rizen
4:26 pm
16 By LillyPotter
3:37 pm
Walk a Day 
130 By Rizen
3:00 pm
Life in the Gray Zone: Pondering 
6 By min63
2:05 pm

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Information

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a term for certain psychological consequences of exposure to, or confrontation with, stressful experiences that the person experiences as highly traumatic. These experiences can involve actual or threatened death, serious physical injury, or a threat to physical and/or psychological integrity. It is occasionally called post-traumatic stress reaction to emphasize that it is a routine result of traumatic experience rather than a manifestation of a pre-existing psychological weakness on the part of the patient.

Health Blogs

Researchers now agree that there is a biomolecular aspect to all experience, including happiness, and that the brain is command central for the chemical and physiological changes that occur in the body with positive emotions. While many researchers have studied positive emotions by observing human and animal behavior, others are trying to discover ... Read More »
Any parent raising a child knows how much time is spent on teaching that child some manners. Say "thank you" when someone gives you a present. Say "thank you" when somebody holds the door. Say "thank you" when the server notices you left your favorite binkie under the booth and rushes out of the restaurant to get it to you. As adults, we surely ... Read More »
Throughout our country, treatment centers and programs are filled to capacity with people struggling with addictions and psychiatric disorders. Regardless of what drove them to seek treatment, the goal for all is recovery. How this end is achieved varies depending on the individual, as well as the intensity and longevity of the disease, and ... Read More »

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