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i couldn't find the music - oh dear 
17 By LillyPotter
12:26 am
Exposure therapy with a witness 
19 By arfie
12:13 am
Scary Unknown Letter 
14 By DoooOver
scared i've lost my creativity 
18 By LillyPotter
Scared of moving on 
8 By CrazyCanuk
Thank You 
10 By mujicaptsd
Muscular tenseness 
15 By mujicaptsd
Not sleeping 
13 By mujicaptsd
I'm here 
5 By jewells1
TLC Supplemental 
7 By mujicaptsd
Calypso thread 2 
1461 By jewells1
New Puppy 
19 By LillyPotter
day 6 and getting help :-) 
13 By LillyPotter
Does the crying ever stop? :( 
10 By magicsls
I stopped drinking 3 days ago 
22 By jewells1

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Information

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a term for certain psychological consequences of exposure to, or confrontation with, stressful experiences that the person experiences as highly traumatic. These experiences can involve actual or threatened death, serious physical injury, or a threat to physical and/or psychological integrity. It is occasionally called post-traumatic stress reaction to emphasize that it is a routine result of traumatic experience rather than a manifestation of a pre-existing psychological weakness on the part of the patient.

Health Blogs

Each of us spends time in the thought-free state every day. We just don't know it. The thought-free state is that instant when you're looking at a gorgeous sunset and your mind stops. Then the thought "Oh, what a gorgeous sunset" arises and takes you out of it.
Without question, we're all unique creatures, but researchers have found that there are some common patterns associated with personality types, broken down into five categories and each, of course, consisting of various degrees of that characteristic. When these types reach the extreme high end of the scale, it may be a sign that it's more ... Read More »
Posted in Physical & Emot... by Sharecare on Mar 06, 2014
Abuse is a term used to describe the mistreatment of a person. A person can be abused by another person physically or emotionally. It is important to note that the victims do not cause the abuse. Abusers are responsible for their actions, even if they are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. However, these substances may make the abuse ... Read More »

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