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3 wks of pred and all better?
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Full story is under my journal but I did get my muscle biopsy results today and they were inconclusive. Rheumy said he was glad to hear my joints and fatigue are so much better after three weeks on 40mg of prednisone but surprised when I said I think I am a little weaker and more out of breath than before. I thought it can take some time for all this to turn around? He is sending me to the PM specialist GURU in our area tomorrow (the guy that did the biopsy) Sounds like they want to test me for other stuff. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't take away my prednisone! I have no joint pain for the first time in 10 years!! Lupus stuff is great right now! Another blood panel to ck CPK tomorrow!

Anyone else start on prednisone and it take a few weeks and get strength back? How long did it take? Did they add meds? What meds? Is it bad that I am not getting stronger after only three weeks? Certain things feel better than they have in years. It is so hard because I am not near as sick as many of you who suffered such extremes of this disease.
Posted on 03/15/12, 09:43 pm
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Reply #11 - 04/24/12  11:14pm
" it took me almost 2 months to see improvement on 60mg of pred. I was on it for months and never completely got better so it really varies. "

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