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PCOS cause "anger" issues
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I was wondering if having PCOS can cause a person to have more "male" responses, such as anger, aggressive. I feel that I am always crabby and angry. I have a short fuse and explode at everything lately. Is it becuase of the testeterone that is being produced instead of the girl ones? I can't remember how this all works. I know it sounds stupid, at least how i have described it. If I started metformin again, would it make my moods even out again?
Posted on 12/08/08, 07:57 pm
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Reply #1 - 12/08/08  8:17pm
" i totally understand how you feel... sometimes i get some incredible rage like i need to hit something like the wall or something and i know its insane but i just feel like i need to scream and i dont understand why.. i was just diagnosed today with PCOD but i've felt this way for a long time "
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Reply #2 - 12/08/08  9:13pm
" a lot of it is the out of whack hormones too. metformin could help because it will balance some of those hormones. i have found that zoloft works for me as well as the metformin. "
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Reply #3 - 12/10/08  5:32pm
" I have the same problems, hormones out of wack, angry all the time......but when i got on the pill i no longer had those angry problems. however, I do cry more...lol. so no more anger just tears, i don't now which one is better. "
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Reply #4 - 12/11/08  1:03pm
" I tried the pill but the other side effects are awful and I want try and get pregnant. I am hoping that since i started Metformin again, that it goes away. I hate being angry. I am so glad that i am not the only one who has this problem "
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Reply #5 - 12/11/08  1:12pm
" I've had this problem too, but since I started Paxil, it's pretty much evened out. I was told PCOS causes anxiety problems and panic attacks, so it could just be the anxiety building up, and anger/aggression is your response to that. I'd say talk to your doc, or endo, and see what he/she says. The anti-anxiety meds really can do wonders sometimes. "
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Reply #6 - 12/11/08  1:55pm
" Are you serious? not one told me that it could cause anxiety and panic attacks. that explains so much. I have had trouble with that forever, even as a kid. Sometimes severe trouble. The antidepressant that works for me, i can't take if pregnant (danger to baby), and doctor won't give me it unless i am on the pill. I am so glad to know that I am not crazy. I don't like having to take meds for ever but it is better than feeling the way i do now. Thank you so much "
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Reply #7 - 12/11/08  9:41pm
" I have anxiety and panic disorder, depression and what i call the red rages where i want to do as much damage as possible. I have never let myself get out of control but the urge is there. Zoloft did nothing for me like taking a sugar pill, but i love my metformin. "
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Reply #8 - 12/12/08  3:55pm
" PCOS can cause mood swings. I think you might be right though because I can be the same way. But because you have more testoterone than estrogen, I'm not sure if it will make any difference, just find a way to relax (e.g. yoga, meditation, breathing exercises,etc.) don't blow a short fuse. Try and keep it under control. "
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Reply #9 - 12/12/08  7:58pm
" I have this also. I find it is even worse when I am PMSing. I feel as if I am not myself - as if something has taken over my body and filled it with tetchiness, anger, rage, irritability, snappinnes.. everything horrible. I sometimes just put myself away in a room so I can't be horrible to my family!! "
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Reply #10 - 12/13/08  12:48pm
" I've become quite angry lately. I've also been DX'd with depression and anxiety. If you do some research online you'll find that depression almost goes hand in hand with PCOS. "

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