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Last night I dreamed about my ex. I didn't dream about any of the bad stuff, just the love and fun stuff. I forgot that he showed me love at times, how he could make me feel like there was no one else in the whole world. How he could make me laugh so hard it would catch my breath. That is the first time I've dreamt of him in this way - ever.

Strangely, today I saw him, not once, but 3 times. We live quite close to each other, but since I left in June and he knew it was definitely over, this is the first time I've saw him. I changed my car when I left, so today would be the first time he would have seen my new car too. We didn't acknowledge each other, but I know he saw me. He knew I saw him.

Tonight I went out a walk to get some fresh air. I walked for about a mile and walked back home again. It was then I noticed that both wing mirrors on my car had been either ripped or kicked off. They are both gone. They weren't lying about the road or anything, they were gone.

I can't prove it was my ex, but I'm guessing the Universe has sent me a message that things with him will never change, and he doesn't need any reason or encouragement to cause damage in my life. What a loser he is.
Posted on 11/26/12, 04:35 pm
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Reply #11 - 11/27/12  2:16pm
" Yes Kaz, I agree wholeheartedly, he does bring bad energy into my life. Well done you on winning the money AND your wee one is walking now! What a great milestone for you both. "
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Reply #12 - 11/27/12  3:18pm
" Thanks well in total it was only £30 but I did treat her to a new outfit with it so happy days :)

Walking! She's running these days lol!

She loves to spin around in circles dancing and then she gets herslf dizzy and falls over laughing, she's so funny lol "
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Reply #13 - 11/27/12  4:52pm
" Bean you know what he is capable of, and even if he isn't the one who did it, he was capable and you know it so yes I take that as a sign or even a warning that he is dangerous and that your recent dream may have been based on wishful remembering or selective remembering. And just in case it was him be vigilant about being very aware of your surroundings when you are out and about. always carry your cell phone and consider getting some kind of protection. "
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Reply #14 - 11/27/12  6:33pm
" what everyone else said! be freaking vigilant!!!! i had a couple of things happen after I left my ex.. he's a garbage man, and one night, I heard a car stop in the alley behind my place, pull into my back driveway, where no one parks, because it's my space and I park out front. the next day was garbage day, and my fully loaded garbage bins didn't get picked up because 'someone' had turned them sideways! they were not only heavy and overpacked, but also, it was deep snow, so really hard to move-you'd have to put in an effort. no one else's garbage was touched. just mine.

some people said it was a coincidence.. I wonder..

whether your ex touched your car or not (I'd bet money on it being him!!!)- I'd say he's responsible, maybe only energetically. and you are wise to be careful and extra vigilant!

one cool thing that happened the day I left my ex.. me and one of my friends who was helping me to pack, were taking a quick smoke break on my fronts steps. all of a sudden, we heard church bells pealing.. it went on for a long time, kind of one of those musical bell type things.

the only thing: there are no churches anywhere near my place. I had lived in that house for 7 years, and had never heard any bells, EVER.

I wasn't sure at that moment if it was sign that he was going to come home and catch me running away and kill me!

but obviously, it was a sign that everything was going to be ok. "
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Reply #15 - 11/27/12  6:40pm
" I agree with the others it was him. Some people are so vindictive and spiteful. I just find that it occurs after a break up. If it wasn't him, then why wouldn't it happen any other time. So that is my theory here.

I work in an office and when my boss is abusive I get a 'warning' of some kind. He misplaces stuff and says I lost it and that he is worried about me and my memory. Yeah whatever! HE does this shit and says it's me who did it.

I hope you are going to be ok Beansprout. Keep an eye on things that may happen or go lost again. These are clues.

Big hugs
Linda "
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Reply #16 - 11/27/12  6:55pm
" Today, when I called my insurance company to organise the repair, they instructed me to go to the police, so I did. I went to the policewoman who I dealt with at the domestic abuse unit. She asked me if I'd saw him and I told her that I had, and that this was the first time he had seen my new car. The police were going to ask my neighbours if they saw anything and check out the CCTV footage near my house to see if anything is on there. Regardless of what they find, they are going to speak to him and remind him he has to stay away from me or he will be arrested. Strangely, whilst I know I need to take care, I am not afraid of him anymore. I really believe that the Universe will take care of him eventually. As a nice aside, the car I get to use whilst my own is being repaired is a very expensive sports car with a soft top roof. OK it's not the weather here for it, but it's beautiful. My son is delighted! Thank you all for your support and advice "
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Reply #17 - 11/27/12  7:31pm
" Ah now that's a good message from the universe - take his shit calmly, and it will turn into roses :) "
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Reply #18 - 11/28/12  4:08pm
" That is really creepy. I'm glad you're not scared by it and glad that you called the police, but do be careful. "
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Reply #19 - 11/29/12  5:32am
" I am so sorry this happened to you beansprout. I am sending love and positive energy your way. Stay safe and God bless you. xxxx (((BigHugs))) "
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Reply #20 - 12/02/12  10:18am
" HI Beansprout, I read your post earlier this morning. I left the computer for a while...but a nagging question forced me to add to this thread. I know it was the first time you had seen him since June. But do you think it was a coincidence that you saw him THREE times in the same day? I'm glad that you're not afraid of him anymore and I think that it's amazing that the police are going to 'remind' him of his expectations. But pleeeeeeeease be careful. "

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