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Physical & Emotional Abuse Information

  • Abuse is a general term for the treatment of someone that causes some kind of harm (to the abused person, to the abusers themselves, or to someone else) that is unlawful or wrongful. Physical abuse is abuse involving contact intended to cause pain, injury, or other physical suffering or harm. Psychological abuse or emotional abuse refers to the humiliation or intimidation of another person, but is also used to refer to the long-term effects of emotional shock...
  • Psychological abuse can take the form of physical intimidation, a means to control others through scare tactics and oppression. It is often associated with situations of power imbalance often found in abusive relationships and child abuse relationships; however, it can also take place on larger scales, such as group psychological abuse, racial oppression, and bigotry. A more "mild" case might be that of workplace abuse. Workplace abuse is a large cause of workplace-related stress, which in turn can cause both physical and mental illness (such as battered women syndrome)..

    There need not be an agitator for psychological abuse to occur; one can undergo self-abuse, as in the case of someone who is depressive, or self-mutilating.

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Health Blogs

Posted in Physical & Emot... by Sharecare on Oct 16, 2014
General: It is important to note that abuse is never the victim's fault. Oftentimes, victims feel as though they brought the abuse on themselves. They might feel like they did something wrong and deserve to be yelled at or perhaps they were too flirtatious and gave the abuser the wrong impression. However, this is not the case. The abuser is the ... Read More »
The ancient Indian sage Patanjali outlined what is known today as the Eightfold Path. In this system, he outlines eight different steps to be taken to attain a state of oneness with the Creative Spirit. The first of these eight steps is to abstain from five harmful behaviors, and the first of these behaviors to abstain from is violence. Ahimsa, ... Read More »
Domestic violence can include physical and emotional abuse. Both involve one person using force, threats or intimidation to harm, frighten or control another. Physical violence exists on a continuum from a push, poke or slap to punches, kicks or the use of a weapon. Emotional abuse or psychological abuse as it is sometimes called can be harder ... Read More »

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