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Phobia of SAND!!!!
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Hi I have what some people would consider a "silly" phobia/fear of sand (as in, but not limited to beach sand) but I dont know if it is a phobia or not it, does affect my life to a certain degree and the thought of it makes me physically sick, makes my heart beats faster and gives me the shakes and i think if I was in a position of HAVING to touch it I would probably be in floods of tears and hyperventilating.

Does anyone have the same problem or is it just me I feel so alone about this I have looked on the internet for a name and there doesnt seem to be one.
Posted on 08/06/07, 08:33 pm
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Reminder: This is a support group for Phobia. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #1 - 08/08/07  3:19pm
" No phobia is silly. Don't think yourself silly for this. I don't know the name of your phobia either. I am sorry you feel so alone with this...we are all a family that has matter what they are, so remember we are here for you. Take care, and i hope you have a great week. "
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Reply #2 - 10/11/08  11:51pm
" Hi! I have, over the last two or three years, developed, what I deem to be, an irrational fear of sand. When I was younger I was never really a big fan of it, though I would go on the beach. But in the last few years I have found myself turning away from the tv screen if there is sand on it. For example, I was watching some show, and a character ended up with sand on her hair and face and I couldn't watch, it made me shiver. I haven't been on a beach holiday since 2002 and now have no desire to ever step foot on sand again, I can deal with stoney beaches but not sandy ones. My point is, you are not alone and I am glad I found someone who shares this fear as everytime I mention it people just look at me like I'm crazy. So much so that I stopped saying it, and as I don't live near any sandy beaches I'm not likely to come across sand in my day to day business. I would really like to cure it though as I haven't been near sand for a very long time and the fear has developed during this absence from it and I don't want it to hinder me in the future. I'm thinking of maybe hypnosis, well, that's the only thing I'm thinking actually because what else would cure me! Anyway, hope this has helped in some small way, your comment helped me :) "
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Reply #3 - 10/17/08  1:28am
" Eremikophobia is the fear of sand. "
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Reply #4 - 12/30/08  2:06pm
" I have had a phobia of sand all my life, from about the age of 18 months old. I find wearing impervious shoes helps a bit ( with no holes in!) but I still feel uncomfortable around sand. So I avoid beaches as far as possible, and when I can't avoid them I make sure I'm covered so that no sand can get thru! "

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