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fear of kissing
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since my first boyfriend, i have realised that i have a fear of kissing. i dont know what it is about kissing that i dont like. it could be the closeness. i reeli dont know.
i think that nobody likes me because of it. the boyfriends i do have now end up finishing me because of it. i get called frigid all the time. i dont have a fear of sex. just kissing. i think that nobody will ever be with me for more than a month, untill they get bord.
i get really lonely. when im single, i feel like im not whole.
i think that i will never get married or have children. after all who would want to have sex with me if i cant kiss them. this makes me feel like im useless. like im a failure.
my friends dont understand me. they think im being silly.
i self harmed yesterday to show how much i was hurting on the inside. to make me match whats going on in my brain. now i hurt inside and out. i need to get over my fear. i have tried but i freak out. anyone got any ideas??
Posted on 01/02/08, 08:16 am
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Reply #1 - 01/03/08  12:39pm
" There is a lot of intimacy that comes from kissing (even though some may not see it that way). It's often the first step to opening up yourself to someone romantically. I can understand why you would see that, though my fear was always talking to girls because of who I thought I was. A guy who is decent and good enough will hold you through this until you have conquered your phobia. There ultimately is hope for you. I have full confidence. "
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Reply #2 - 01/04/08  5:08am
" thanks "
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Reply #3 - 01/04/08  3:18pm
" exactly any guy who will stand by u no matter wot mite make u over come ur fear. the worst thing about fears is we never know wot triggers them many reasons but there are ways of over coming them it doesnt happen over nite tho thats one thing ive learned even tho i wish it did x "
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Reply #4 - 01/05/08  8:35am
" I cant hold hands even if i found the best person in the world i could hug, maybe kiss but never hold hands :S "
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Reply #5 - 01/10/08  12:29pm
" can you describe what scares you about kissing...what thoughts are going through your head...what are you afraid does it make you feel? "

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