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Quitting Azilect
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Anyone have a difficult time quitting Azilect? I've been on it for 3 years in varying degrees of strength (1 mg or .5) and Neuro suggested stopping since the clinical trials didn't produce the anticipated PD progression improvement that was hoped for. I have had conflicing opinions on this also. Anyway, if you have quit the drug, did you taper off or quit cold turkey? I quit suddenly and am not so sure that was a good thing.

I've been told that vivid dreams and sleep issues are increased with Azilect. So far...still there.

Any advice? Thanks.
Posted on 10/31/11, 11:12 am
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Reply #1 - 11/01/11  8:00am
" Schells, What is your Neuro basing this decision on? From my studies this drug is still be used as a neuro protector by most Neurologists. Is there some new studies that your doctor knows about?

I have not gone on any drugs yet, but my doctor has recommended I go on either Azilect or Selegiline for the possible Neuro protector effects. He did say it was theory, and not totally proven, but the studies were good. So what is your doctor reading that makes him or her think differently?

I had a Neuro nurse who I talked to about participating in a study recently basically say the same thing your doctor just said. i guess i need to question her and my Neuro further.

Have you had any side effects from going off the Azilect? "
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Reply #2 - 11/01/11  7:21pm
" Hi Schells,

Did you have any problems with Azilect?

I started taking 1mg a couple of months ago, as I was told it was a neuro protector, my own neorologist said if he ever got PD that's what he'd take. I've had no side effects and although I don't know whether it's doing any good I just assumed it wasn't doing any harm. Why did you want to quit it and why doesn't your neuro think it's worth a chance?

I hope you are feeling better and the sleep issues are resolving.

Take care

Julie "
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Reply #3 - 11/02/11  10:54am
" Julie I trusted azilect for about 3 years believing it was helping progression and maybe it is. Neuros have conflicting opinions. I just want to sleep and stop the crazy dreams. May not even be the azilect but I think I should have tapered off instead of quitting cold turkey.

Just when you think you have this disease figured out....well...

Have appts coming up so maybe I will know more then-hope you are feeling good and your day is great! "
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Reply #4 - 11/02/11  11:17am
" I have been on Azilect for 7 months now. I have never had any side effects and I sleep well. I keep a set bedtime and a fixed ready-for-bed routine.
I am still in early stages of PD. I saw some improvements early on, but in the last couple of months I am slowly regressing again. The only other thing I take is 2000 units of Vit. D. I was rather deficient when diagnosed. My last test was back to the low end of normal.
Of course there is no way to tell where you would have been without the Azilect, but I agree that it is worth the chance. "
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Reply #5 - 02/16/13  12:26pm
" My doc advised eliminating it from the med regime. It has not demonstrated evidence of PD progression sufficiently enough to warrant the expense and risk of this drug. I'm down to 0.5 mg for two weeks, then to zero after that.

There is evidence starting to show that DBS is in itself neuro-protective. But its too early to tell just yet.

C "
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Reply #6 - 02/23/13  12:51pm
" I've been taking 1 mg for about 7 years. I did have some minor side effects when I first took azilect, but this pill is all I take for PD. I have no idea if it is helping, or not. There should be some findings, by now, as to if azilect works, or not. Please let me know if anyone hears of any new results on this subject. "
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Reply #7 - 03/12/13  1:13am
" I tapered off Azilect for a couple of weeks, and discovered i feel like absolute hell without it. So I'm titrating up to 1 mg per day again.

C "
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Reply #8 - 03/15/13  10:29pm
" I feel like the fly on the wall. Dx'd 18 mos ago and been on Azilect ever since. My neurodoc explained that Az *seems* to slow down progression of PD, but that jury is still out. It is the only PD med I take. Can't say I notice anything good or bad, even when I skip a day. Many times I have wondered if I should be taking M&M's instead. It'd be cheaper, the chocolate would be more rewarding, and I wouldn't have to limit myself to one a day.

Beekeeper "
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Reply #9 - 03/19/13  10:34am
" I tried Azelect several times and got the same side effects each time. My doc also told me it would protect the cells that are still good so I kept giving it a try. It didn't work out for me and each time he told me to wean off it and not cold turkey it.... Hope you're doing ok!!!
paula "

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