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vyvanse and risperidone
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Does anyone have a child taking both vyvanse and risperidone? The vyvanse 20 mg works but when coming off, he gets hypersensitve, very angry, aggressive (tho wont actually hit, but threatens), SO EASILY frustrated by everything. Dr. is recommending low dose risperidone in addition to the vyvanse. Previously he was taking vyvanse and intuniv which didn't help so am currently weaning off the intuniv and starting the risperadone. I haven't been giving him the vyvanse since it is summer and I want him to eat more. He is very thin, this is due to both genetics (My family has always been very thin) and now he doesn't eat but swims, so obviously I want him to put on a little weight. Soon tho we will be traveling on vacation (including a plane trip) so I will be putting him back on the vyvanse with the risperidone so that I can see the 2 together.
Posted on 07/20/10, 01:12 pm
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Reply #1 - 07/26/10  4:40pm
" My 6 year old has been on risperidone for about a year and a half now, really helped his terrible moods and frustration. Recently doc suggested Vyvanse to start trying next week and to stay on the risperidone as well. The risperidone will increase his appetite as it has my son for sure. I hope this helps you, keep me updated if you will. Good luck! "
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Reply #2 - 07/27/10  10:03am
" Happy to year your child's success on the risperidone. I was very worried about my son taking it as it is an anti psychotic and I was a little freaked about giving it to my 6 yr old. (doc actually wanted to try it earlier when he was about 5 but I wanted to try something else-again, my ambivalence towards the antipsyhotic) Well he is doing better on the risperidone and his appetite is better, tho I haven't put him back on the vyvanse yet, am going to soon. Like you, the risperidone has helped with my son's terrible moods and frustration. He still has little patience and tolerance (which can be sooooo frustrating) I am keeping my fingers crossed since school is right around the corner. What dose are they starting your child at for the vyvanse? What dose for the risperidone? My son is taking 1 mg of risperidone, the vyvanse dose of 20 mg. Thanks, I really hope your child has success with the vyvanse. And your post has helped. I hadn't found anyone else it seemed that had a child on the risperidone. I hope you and your child has a good day! "
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Reply #3 - 07/28/10  5:32pm
" Hi! 1 mg twice a day of risperidone and he is going to try 20 mg. of Vyvance. I sure hope we can get off the risperidone if the vyvance works. The way he get's frustrated and always wants attention drives me nuts! Some days are just so difficult! I am wishing the best for you, please keep me updated! =) "
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Reply #4 - 07/29/10  11:29am
" Hi forbidden, I appreciate your update. I was actually hoping that I would be able to dc the vyvanse, but doc thinks that my son will always need stimulants to control his ADHD. The riperidone was prescribed for his aggression that he gets very easy when something doesn't go his way. He has no tolerance for anything. (he has never acutally hit anyone-he just gets mean and says hateful things) The risperidone has helped. Next month my husband, myself and child are meeting with a child psycologist for behavior therapy. Soon after my other 2 sons will probably come, as my son's ADHD is so hard on our entire family. Everyone feels like they need to accomodate my son. Though I don't want my kid to get away with everything , it's hard to know what is in his control and what isn't. I need new techniques, cuz if it were up to my husband my son would be in his room for hours at a time on time out.
Do you have other children? Has it affected them? "
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Reply #5 - 07/29/10  7:23pm
" I really truly understand where you come from, my 6 year old son is the same exact way. Our lives are constant stress with trying to deal with him... even on risperidone. Sometimes we just aren't sure what to do. My 9 year old also has adhd but is a wonderful child. Does great in school, obeys, listens... he is such a joy!
I feel extremely guilty for not feeling that way about my 6 year old.
My doc recommended collaborative problem solving. He swears by this. We try this next week hopefully at his office (he is going to show us how this technique works). Please keep me informed about your situation. "
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Reply #6 - 07/29/10  8:46pm
" Hi again, So what is working for your 9 yr. old? I do know my son is very capable of being polite, helpful, and thoughtful, and that is what I cling on too when he is behaving rottonly. Can you tell me a bit more about collaborative problem solving? I have never heard of that. Thanks.
BTW, i too feel guitly when there are times that I feel that I cant stand my son, yet I know I love him with all my heart. Hang in there.... count to 10! "
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Reply #7 - 08/01/10  3:51pm
" My 9 year old has adhd without the anger and frustration, Vyvanse has worked recently very well. We tried 5 mg of Respiridone and 20 mg. of vyvanse today. He seems very jittery and has not been hungry all day.. we just had an all out tremendous fit over making him eat. This afternoon he has been TERRIBLE!!!! I will stop the vyvanse tomorrow and have left a message with the doc. Feeling very, very defeated today!!! Look up The videos are good. Let me know how things go with your son. "
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Reply #8 - 08/01/10  3:52pm
" I meant we tried the vyvanse and resp. with our 6 year old. Sorry that was confusing. =) "
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Reply #9 - 08/01/10  4:47pm
" Unfortunately, the vyvanse will cut the appetite, that is why I was really hoping to stop it My 6 yr old is super thin (genetically runs in the family) so with the vyvanse it makes it worse. Your dr. may use another form of ADHD med since the vyvanse didn't work. When I shared my views of appetite suppression with Dr. he changed my son's prescrption to Intuniv, but this didn't give us the same results. It may work for you. We even tried Wellbutron but it cannot be crushed and the pill was too big for my son to swallow. Yep, its gonna be real interesting when school starts! Please let me know how the collaborative problem solving works for you. Good luck! "
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Reply #10 - 08/04/10  11:09pm
" My 5 year old just started Vyvanse today. All day he was nauseous and he threw up this evening finally about 6:00. He couldn't eat all day either. Also, he was very emotional. He would cry over any little thing. He said he just couldn't help it. I don't know whether it will get better or not. He's only on 20 mg. We have only tried Straterra before this, so I don't have much experience with these meds. I'm at a loss. "

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