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Anti Oxidant coctail
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I am new here, but not new to the disease. I was surfing around and I see that some people had questions on the 'new' anti-oxidant coctail that is under disscussion now. I am cutting and pasting a post I made the other night concerning the recipie.

"The original 'antioxidant supplementation for pain relief in chronic pancreatitis' came out of India. My dr at UCSD told me about it in spring 2008. It took me about 12 months to find the nerve to try it. the original recipie is, 600 mcg Selenium, 0.54 gm Vitamin C, 9000 IU Carotene, 270 IU Vitamine E, 2 gm methionine. I found a pill made by Bluebonnet that is close to the recipie. The bluebonnet pill is called 'beta carotene, C, E plus Selenium. I got them on-line at about $25 per month supply if you take 2 pills a day."

I have been taking this for several months now and I am much better for it. Although my pain has been minimal these days, I have had no painful oubursts since beginning the medicaiton. However, I know the effect is positive due to a huge increase in my energy, realized weight gain, and highly improved stool. As odd as this may all seem since the product was 'designed' to be effective toward the reduction of pain.

This does all make sence though. My biggest problem these last 6 years or so has been in the area of processing food. I take large amounts of Pancrease medicine and i consumed well over 5000 caloiries per day, and I was still loosing weight slowly. Additionally, my energy was running out absoluteley completely at about 4pm and I had to nap.

With me using this coctail in conjunction with my Pancrease, I have throttled back the caloric intake to a more normal 2000 per day, and I am gaining weight. I am broad 6'1" and now up to a solid 180 lbs, up from 160 pounds.

So my best hypothesis, i am an engineer not a doctor, is that the manner in which this coctail was to help with pain is by somehow allowing the pancrease to rest or relax, decreasin pressure. So in my case, that resting allowed the natural enzimes to either increase production or effectiveness. I would also assume from that my swelling has reduced and I am in a more stable state. (a side note, my pancrease has been swolen/enlarged for so long that it was pushing against my splenic veign for so long that it actually occluded it about 10 years ago. The wonderful body grew a mass of varicies to divert the blood to my liver, good news in that I am alive, bad news that is a mess in there and nobody wants to cut me open).

I have been asked to supply a link to the product I found and I will do so, with the disclaimer that this is just where I have been buying the goods, I have had both positive experiences with the supplements and with the supplier. I am making no promises, nor profit from or with this email.


Sorry for the long winded response, just trying to get all pertinant data down.
Posted on 09/17/09, 03:52 pm
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Reply #1 - 09/20/09  3:23pm
" Thank you very much, I've read a lot about antioxidents helping. "
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Reply #2 - 09/21/09  11:39pm
" just curious - anyone else know about this or tried it? "
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Reply #3 - 09/25/09  4:28pm
" I have been taking an approximation of this cocktail for about 6 months now. I stopped for a few weeks and started to feel worse again, so went back to taking it. I buy each item individually, and take less Selenium and L-Methionine than the original cocktail recommends. I'm glad to have the link to the supplier who puts the items together. Overseas the cocktail is available as "Antox", and I think they will ship to the US - that is what I was going to try next. "
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Reply #4 - 09/30/09  10:33am
" I have read a lot of the articles about the antioxidant studies. I am going to try this, since I just seem to have no energy lately and cannot gain weight. Thanks for the post. "
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Reply #5 - 10/15/09  10:45am
" So I went to the health food store here in Chicago. They did not have the exact AntiOx product to which the link referes; however, they had Blue Bonnet's Super AntiOx product instead. I looked at the ingredient list, and they are roughly the same (though you have to take three at once, 1x per day, and they are big pills).

Of course my results are very non-scientific, but I report that I do at least feel better in the ten days since I started taking these. My BM's are once per day and fairly stable. I have not gained weight per se, but I do have some more pep and energy during the day.

They are not cheap to buy retail. The store owner, though, said: "Yes, not very cheap, but VERY good quality stuff". I will continue to take them until the bottle runs out, and then see what happens when I discontinue.

Thanks for the post. I think it is great to be able to share these things. "
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Reply #6 - 10/16/09  8:38am
" My GI doc actually prescribed a varaiant of this cocktail: 75mg selenium, 2400 mg Vitamin A, 130 mg vitamin E, 180mg vitamin C, and 800 mg SAM-e daily. I can;t get just one pill to cover all this, so I have to take multiples. I have been on this therapy 2 years and I think it helps - I haven't been in the hospital and I don't have to take pain medication. "
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Reply #7 - 01/04/10  1:15pm
" Hi!

Any encouraging news about Antioxidants, anyone? I just ordered Blueberry coctail and waiting them to my letterbox (or the letter from customs, there is legislation from deep here...) "
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Reply #8 - 01/07/10  8:13am
" I take the bluebonnet mix, I haven't seen much changes. Things have gotten worse for me, but I think something else is going wrong. I just wanted to post that I read that long term use of Selenium has been shown to cause type 2 diabietes I have read this in several places here is one. I plan on finishing the bottle I have and doing the s ame thing without the Selenium. http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/art... "

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