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Probiotics Dangerous in Pancreatitis
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As many of us who are on narcotics for daily pain management know, they sure clog you up (it you get my message). I try to eat yogurt (probiotics) as one way to "attempt' to keep my pipes running. In doing some research, I found the below article about probiotics possibly being dangerous for pancreatitis. Now, I believe that this article refers to acute pancreatitis and not chronic pancreatitis, but I am curious if any of you have been told by your GI not to add probiotics to your diet? The article I found is below:

"Probiotics Dangerous in Pancreatitis
As exciting as the news may be about probiotics, they may not be for everyone. Dutch researchers report that these so-called good bacteria may be fatal for patients suffering with severe pancreatitis. In this study of nearly 300 people with acute pancreatitis, half received placebo and half were administered probiotics. Although the number of infections in each group was roughly comparable, 24 people subjects in the probiotic group died compared to only 9 who were given placebos. Although the investigators could not explain why probiotics might pose such a risk, they cautioned that patients with severe pancreatitis or others with organ failure who are on feeding tubes should probably not receive such supplements.
[The Lancet, Feb 14, 2008]"

Hope you all have a wonderful and pain-free week-end.

Posted on 05/23/09, 10:53 am
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Reply #1 - 05/23/09  10:28pm
" Hi Gini,

I have not heard that, but it is very good information!! Thank you for sharing it with us! My GI has been a firm believer in my eating the yogurt to keep the healthy bacteria in my intestines. He says this is especially important after any kind of "clean out" such as for a colonoscopy or other such procedure, where the balance gets upset. "
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Reply #2 - 05/23/09  10:32pm
" ooops hit enter too soon....

Speaking of colonoscopies. I know it is not a pleasant subject, but is everyone who is over 50 up-to-date with their colonoscopies? I know our lives tend to become overwhelmed dealing with the pancreatitis, we might not remember other routine health regiments.

Please if you are due, get your colonoscopy scheduled!

Lots of Gentle hugs
ReeAnn, Founder
The Pancreatitis Place "
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Reply #3 - 05/24/09  11:19am
" Very interesting. I take fiber supplements in order to try to alleviate the constipation issue. I have found it only helps a little bit. I have also tried Dulculax but it does not seem to help either.

I am very interested to see how others deal with this issue. "
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Reply #4 - 05/24/09  7:59pm
" I am very interest to see how others deal with the constipation issue as well. For a long time it was diarrhea that is associated with the steatorrhea. But now I have sever constipation associated with the gastroparesis. I am suppose to avoid fibor, so any suggests any one has for Healthy and ME I would love to hear it!

Thanks loads and loads in advance

ReeAnn, Founder
The Pancreatitis Place "
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Reply #5 - 05/31/09  7:27pm
" I know what you mean about the constipation! I've actually been hospitalzied once for it and it wasn't fun. I actually take stool softener everyday and have to take a laxative or enima once a week. It's horrible but with the amount of pain meds I take daily, I have to do this or I will never go!!! "
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Reply #6 - 05/27/10  1:41pm
" I found this thread, trying to find info on Probiotics, since now I am afraid to take them after reading that article a few days ago. They don't help with my constipation, but I have so many other digestive issues I thought they would help. Anyways.....I have had chronic constipation ever since my surgery. I can't eat any high fiber foods, so I have always taken Milk of Magnesia in the past. Last year when my pain got really bad, all the laxatives made it worse, and made me feel just plain sick.
I read somewhere about molasses, and even tho I didn't really believe it, I tried it and it works. I am still playing with the amount and how many times a day, but I drink it with water and I have to add chocolate syrup because the taste of molasses makes me gag. I usually drink a couple tablespoons or sometimes 1/4 cup at night, and in the morning, and it has never failed. I fill a 16oz cup with it and the water. I read the black strap works best, and that is what I use now, I was using Grandma's Robust from the store and that worked, but it's cheaper to order the blackstrap online. This is the first thing in 25 years I have found to work with no other problems, and I have tried them all. "
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Reply #7 - 05/28/10  6:44pm
" Thank you for sharing the molasses tip. One can drink a tablespoon of flaxseed oil and 1/2 cup of whole leaf aloe vera juice. ( Whole leaf aloe vera juice acts as a stool softener.) However, with Pancreatitis you have to watch your fat content. Not only is Whole leaf aloe vera juice good with constipation, it is internally soothing to a sore pancreas. Always check with your doctor first with any product. "
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Reply #8 - 05/28/10  8:47pm
" My GI actually told me to use probodics. They help me a lot. I dont get probodics by eating yogurt because any and all kinds of dairy set off my chronic pancreatitis. So I take them in pill form esepcially while taking antibiotics. "
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Reply #9 - 06/02/10  3:35am
" Not knowing whether I have pancreatitis or not, my Holistic doctor wanted me to take probiotics because of my poor gut flora/balance due to candida. My gut has been so out of whack because of the vitamin deficiences due not knowing what disease process I had. I thought that it was my liver, due to elevated liver enzymes, so I would eat primarlly all carbs not much animal protein or fats. The first time I took them I got this severe burning pain that ran across my upper abdomen. I took a whole pill and I really can't take pills for some bizarre reason. Does anyone know why I can't digest pills without having pain. Why would a probiotic pill cause pain in the abdomen after taking it? I noticed back in 2006 I started having pain in the abdomen after taking vitamins pills. Why?? A month or so I tried taking a magnesium pill and I got Kidney pains. Why? "

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